WATCH: UN Cuts off Mic When Activist Exposes UN’s Anti-Semitism

The U.N. Human Rights Council literally silenced a speaker for calling out the Jew-hatred that drives the body’s unabated anti-Israel agenda.

ironically titled U.N. agency literally silenced her rather than face the truth.

Meanwhile, the body’s decades-old anti-Israel agenda steamrolls forward, with a litany of new resolutions proposed by some of the world’s worst human rights abusers falsely accusing Israel of crimes against humanity.

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2 Comments on “WATCH: UN Cuts off Mic When Activist Exposes UN’s Anti-Semitism”

  1. wingate Says:

    Dont worry too much, friends !
    The God of Israel – the one and only God – is dealing with ALL of them who hate Israel – not one of them will escape !
    HE says : ” I will curse those who curse Israel ! ” The UN / the UNHCR / Switzerland as the host nation of the Jew hating UNHCR as well as
    a notorious supporter of terrorist organisations like Hamas + PLO : they ALL will pay a very heavy price for fighting Israel – you just wait and see !
    HE is patient – but when HIS patience has finally run out : Run + Hide !
    All those fat, Israel hating UN – cats in Geneva / showing off their luxury cars, dining in
    expensive restaurants while back home they have no food : God will make you pay for sure soon !
    No one will cry for you then, no one !

  2. arib Says:


    Anne Bayefsky speaks out against anti Semitism, and her microphone is disconnected!
    They don’t even bother to cry crocodile tears for murdered Jews
    The philo Islamic United Nations is the very personification of human filth!

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