Pat Condell – The Great Palestinian Lie 



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One Comment on “Pat Condell – The Great Palestinian Lie ”

  1. wingate Says:

    “He who blesses Israel – I will bless him ! ” says the Almighty ! That goes for you Pat !

    Pat – its even bigger than you brilliantly put it :
    There never was a people nor a state called palestinians or palestine ! Its the lie of our time – meant to rob their homeland from the jews ! The arch terrorist+mass murderer arafat ( egyptian nationality ) came up with that demonic lie !
    Demonic lie + demonic hatred of Jews = everybody talking about poor palestinians that are opressed/occupied ! They are arabs from neighbouring countries !

    The guardian of Israel is gonna deal soon with those who hate+fight Israel – its gonna be very, very rough for them !

    It helps me keeping on to know that Israel
    and those who stand with her are the winning team !

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