Why is the ISRAELI ARMY so POWERFUL? – VisualPolitik EN

Apropos of Kavan’s comment below:

Source: Defense site: Iran has a stronger military than Israel – Arab-Israeli Conflict – Jerusalem Post GlobalFirePower …

This ranking seems to be an oversimplification of a complicated subject that relies heavily on the statistics of military inventory and quantification, without thorough assessment of hidden factors. Those naval vessels and aircraft are merely numbers. The majority of the vessels are fast boats, and the remaining are ailing frigates. Aircraft belong to Vietnam war era. Moreover, training, effectiveness, operational readiness, people’s support for the military, unity of command, technological resources, type of government, national power, military alliance, and many other factors don’t seem to have been taken into account. Military is not a warehouse.
IDF is undoubtedly the strongest military in the region and one of the strongest in the world.


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One Comment on “Why is the ISRAELI ARMY so POWERFUL? – VisualPolitik EN”

  1. Kavan Says:

    Apart from attributes/traits/qualities of a strong military, the degree to which a military conforms to the standards of the just war theory is another important criterion. IDF is both strong and great because since its inception its wars have been just, characterized by: self-defense, pre-emptive and punitive operations to thwart major wars, minimizing collateral damages, war as the last resort, avoiding reprisal against civilians, proportionality, restraint, and moral conduct at war. While the militaries of its adversaries, at the hands of tyrants, have always initiated unjust wars with the objective of destroying it altogether.

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