Netanyahu: We stand firm against Iran in Syria despite Trump’s decision 

Source: Netanyahu: We stand firm against Iran in Syria dspite Trump’s decision – Israel News – Jerusalem Post

Hours after attack near Damascus Netanyahu said Israel acting against Iranian entrenchment in Syria ‘during these days’.

 DECEMBER 26, 2018 16:02
Netanyahu speaks at the end of the cadets program at the Israeli Air Force Flight Academy

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu broadly hinted at Israeli responsibility for air attacks against Iranian targets near Damascus, telling Air Force cadets on Wednesday that Israel is acting against Iranian entrenchment in Syria “continuously and with firmness, including during these days.”

“Protecting the homeland begins by cutting down big threats when they are small,” he said. “We are not willing to accept an Iranian entrenchment in Syria that is directed against us.”

Netanyahu said that Israel would not be deterred from taking the actions it feels necessary to defend itself, adding that US President Donald Trump’s decision to remove American troops from Syria “does not change our policies – we will maintain our red lines in Syria and everywhere else.”

Speaking at a graduation course for new pilots at the Hatzerim Air Force Base, Netanyahu noted that he recently visited the plants of the Israel Aerospace Industries saw the development of “special capabilities that no other country in the region has, and some of which which – I am telling you – no other country in the world has. “

This, he said, includes, “weapons systems, defensive systems, and attack missiles that can reach everywhere and every target.”

Netanyahu said that there has never been air activity in the history of the Middle East like there is now. “Aircraft go up and come down,  take off and land, and reach arenas both near and far – very far.” He did not elaborate.

Netanyahu said that as part of Israel’s effort to thwart threats against it,  “Operation Northern Shield” to destroy hezbollah attack tunnels is continuing.

“We are destroying Hezbollah’s terror tunnels one after the other,” he said. “They thought to create a weapon of destruction to be used against us, but we defeat them with trickery, daring and determination.”


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