Hezbollah tunnel was to be used to cut of Metulla: Senior IDF officer

Source: Hezbollah tunnel was to be used to cut of Metulla: Senior IDF officer – Israel News – Jerusalem Post

Israel on Tuesday morning launched Operation Northern Shield to expose and destroy cross-border Hezbollah attack tunnels.

 DECEMBER 5, 2018 15:58
A woman walks her dog as an Israeli soldier guards near the border with Lebanon

The cross-border Hezbollah tunnel discovered early Tuesday morning by the IDF outside of Metula would have been used by the terror group to send militants from their elite Radwan units to cut the community off from Route 90, a senior IDF officer said on Wednesday.

Speaking to reporters meters away from the Hezbollah tunnel, he said that the military decided to launch the Operation Northern Shield to expose and destroy cross-border Hezbollah attack tunnels before they were operational and posed an imminent and direct threat to Israel as “the tunnels were something that we could not wait to deal with until a war were to break out.”

The tunnel discovered Tuesday morning stretched from a residential structure in the south of the Lebanese village of Kfar Kela and infiltrated some 40 meters into kiwi and apple orchards belonging to the community of Metula.

The senior officer stated that the element of surprise was a major component of the operation and that Hezbollah militants had been working on the tunnel outside Metulla until the moment the IDF announced the operation had begun.

Hezbollah, he said, chose the residential building which was used to make bricks because of its strategic location, in near proximity to a UNIFIL post and hidden behind the security wall and not visible from Israel.  Israel jets, he said, noticed dozens of trucks going in and out of the building and driving some 10-12 kilometers to dispose of the material.

UNIFIL, the senior officer said, was “surprised” about the discovery of the tunnel and has been met with both the IDF and Lebanese Armed Forces on the issue.

Shortly after the beginning of the operation the IDF placed a camera some 25 meters into the tunnel and moments later saw two militants approaching the camera which had a small bomb attached to it which then detonated leading the militants to retreat.

It was the first time that the IDF actually saw Hezbollah militants inside a tunnel, the senior officer said.

The military said that it took Hezbollah around two years to build the 200 meter-long tunnel and that the IDF believes that there are longer tunnels along the 130 kilometer-long border between Israel and Lebanon.

According to the senior officer the discovery of the tunnel outside Metula was not “a Hanukka miracle” but rather years of intelligence gathering and significant technological investment by the IDF.

While Hezbollah has worked on their tunnel project for years with the belief that Israel was in the dark, the senior officer stated that over the past year Israel Air Force platforms have been surveying the border area and gathering intelligence about possible tunnel locations.

“Hezbollah has lowered their profile tremendously since we started the operation. They still don’t fully understand how much we know about their project.”

While Hezbollah has currently stopped working on their project, making it harder for IDF troops to find the precise location of the tunnels, the officer stressed that the military will continue until all objectives are met.

If the group decides to respond to the IDF’s engineering work-either by targeting troops taking part in the operation or launching rockets towards the homefront- Israel has military options ready, the senior officer said.

Officials in the defense establishment have stressed that Israel’s intelligence capabilities has increased dramatically since the Second Lebanon War in 2006 and has a significant highly number of targets in the north if another war were to break out.


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