Israel, Hamas on verge of cease-fire deal, Israeli official reveals 

Source: Israel, Hamas on verge of cease-fire deal, Israeli official reveals – Israel Hayom


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One Comment on “Israel, Hamas on verge of cease-fire deal, Israeli official reveals ”

  1. Peter Hofman Says:

    The Hamas-affiliated Lebanese newspaper Al Akhbar published details of the proposed cease-fire agreement between Hamas and Israel. Under the agreement, Hamas will limit riots along the Gaza border by punishing protesters who violate the terms of the agreement.

    The agreement includes a series of stages, to be implemented over the next year, in which action will be taken to remove 70% of the Israeli blockade of Gaza until the weekly violent marches along the Israeli-Gaza border come to a complete halt.

    According to Al-Akhbar’s report, entry points into Gaza will be opened regularly and 5,000 Gaza Palestinians under the age of 40 will be granted work permits in Israel. Additionally, the permitted fishing zone from Gaza will extend fourteen miles. The Palestinian Authority will pay 80% of the salaries of public sector workers in Gaza, and infrastructure and energy projects will be initiated with the goal of employing 30,000 unemployed academics.

    Khalil al-Hajjah, a senior member of Hamas, said that “efforts to break the blockade are close to success.

    The agreement was announced the same day Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas met with Egyptian President Abdul-Fattah el-Sisi.

    Hamas is still calling the shots .
    Perhaps another gay parade in Tel Aviv will help !@
    What a soap opera !
    This is the Liberman “hard blow” ???
    This is another win for hamas !

    Fatah said to back Egypt’s bid for Israel-Gaza calm, but not a full ceasefire
    Officials tell Cairo negotiators that any long-term agreement can only come after internal Palestinian reconciliation with Hamas

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