BEIRUT, LEBANON (11:15 A.M.) – U.S. military officials are growing concerned over Israel’s ongoing campaign to strike Iranian troops in Syria, the Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday.

According to the Wall Street Journal, U.S. officials are concerned Iran may retaliate against the U.S. for the Trump administration’s support of the Israeli attacks inside Syria.

“It’s a growing concern for us,” a senior military official told the Wall Street Journal.

In particular, the unnamed U.S. officials are concerned that Israel’s military actions against Iran could endanger the lives of the American troops in Syria.

While Iran has not conducted any retaliatory attacks against the U.S. forces in Syria, their close proximity to one another in the Deir Ezzor and Homs governorates leaves the latter at risk of being targeted in a reprisal strike.

Last month, Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) fired several missiles at the Islamic State’s (ISIS) positions near the U.S. front-lines in southeast Deir Ezzor.

This attack by the IRGC was monitored by the U.S. forces, who later reported that the missile strikes did little-to-no damage to the Islamic State’s positions.