Khamenei lambastes Western nations, promises Iran will turn to East

Source: Khamenei lambastes Western nations, promises Iran will turn to East – International news – Jerusalem Post

He characterized Western nations as the enemy who are attempting to paint Iran negatively and humiliate it.

 OCTOBER 17, 2018 15:57
Khamenei lambastes Western nations, promises Iran will turn to East

Using a meeting on scientific progress as an opportunity to slam Western nations, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said that Iran must turn to the East to advance the nation’s power.

“Looking to the West and Europe has no benefit other than having to stand idle, begging favors and undergoing humiliation,” Supreme Leader of Iran Khamenei said.

Calling western nations “the enemy,” he elaborated that these countries have painted a false image of Iran. He emphasized that the actual state of the country is the opposite of what “domineering foreigners” have depicted through “the hegemonic system.”

“Portraying a false, negative and disappointing image of the situation in Iran is the most important agenda of the enemy today,” Khamenei said.
The objective of the meeting with scientific elites in Tehran was to stress the importance of science in all fronts of Iranian society. He hopes to connect universities with industry, while cooperating with ambitious countries in the East.

“If we make scientific progress, the threats from our civilizational, political, and economic enemies will not be permanent and will diminish,” Khamenei said.
The meeting in Tehran came a day after the US imposed new sanctions against Iran.

In May, Trump ripped up the Iran nuclear deal, announcing a severe new attitude towards the Middle Eastern nation. The US has been encouraging other countries to freeze economic activity with Iran and its economy has been decimated by sanctions.


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