Off Topic: Sing Along With Israel 


I produced this video together with my ex back in 1988 in celebration of Israel’s 40th anniversary.

Directed by Dana Lustig with Kobi Oshrat as musical director, it was the first sing along (know in Israel as “shira b’tzibur”) ever produced in Israel.

It was featured aboard El Al flights for a number of years shown prior to departure.

– JW

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2 Comments on “Off Topic: Sing Along With Israel ”

  1. wingate Says:

    Thank you Joseph – looking back to a seemingly better time (when we were young…) , listening to its music – great !
    I guess w’re facing another chapter in the history of Israel , a difficult one.
    But HE who watches over Israel , HE is faithful to HIS firstborn Israel !
    HE is in control – no one else, not Putin, not the Uranians, not the United Nothing !
    HE is laughing at them, knowing that they are in HIS hands !
    Especially in difficult times like these, to trust HIM is the best !

  2. Kavan Says:

    Amazing video !! Jewish traditional and classic music is so rich and beautiful.

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