Forcing Iran’s allies to face the truth 

Source: Forcing Iran’s allies to face the truth ‎ – Israel Hayom

Ron Prosser

The United Nations is an organization where ‎democratic influences and the truth get sidelined ‎far too often, but addressing the General Assembly ‎on Thursday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stood ‎before world leaders and spoke the truth. Not “his ‎truth” – just the plain, clear truth about Iran and ‎the Palestinian issue.‎

The evidence Netanyahu presented for the existence ‎of secret nuclear facilities in Iran and Hezbollah ‎missile bases in the heart of Beirut is the best ‎answer to Europe’s appeasement policy vis-à-vis ‎Iran. This not only exposed Iran’s true, nefarious ‎designs for the region but also exposed the ‎weakness of many European leaders and the ‎incompetence of the International Atomic Energy ‎Agency.‎

Despite being privy to detailed, verified and ‎accurate information on Iranian violations of the ‎‎2015 nuclear deal, the IAEA and EU have done nothing ‎to stop it. In their naivety and shortsightedness, ‎they are willing to gamble away the future of the ‎Middle East and the rest of the world, acting as if ‎Iran will one day relinquish its nuclear aspirations ‎willingly.‎

European leaders may opt to see no evil, hear no ‎evil and speak no evil, but Netanyahu reminded them ‎that Israel sees and hears everything and that it is ‎not wary of speaking or taking action wherever ‎necessary.‎

Now it is up to the Israeli government and the Trump ‎administration to demand that, confronted with ‎clear-cut ‎intelligence findings, Germany, Britain ‎and France explain why they insist on supporting the ‎Iran deal. ‎

Netanyahu addressed the General Assembly shortly ‎after Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas ‎concluded his annual show of lies and incitement.‎

Abbas said nothing new, as this year, too, he stayed ‎true to the course of radicalism rather than opt for ‎promoting understanding and reconciliation.‎
While Netanyahu presented world leaders with truths, ‎Abbas presented lies, falsities and half-truths in ‎an attempt to incite his Palestinian and Muslim ‎listeners against Israel, especially with respect to ‎Jerusalem, Al-Aqsa mosque and the situation on ‎the ground. ‎

Breaking his own record for undermining the ‎Palestinian people’s interests, Abbas continued to ‎turn his back on the possibility of holding direct and ‎effective negotiations, all while the United States ‎and Israel establish facts on the ground, namely ‎that Israel’s existence with Jerusalem as its ‎capital is a fait accompli.‎

Netanyahu addressed the U.N. General Assembly is ‎something of a new era: Israel no longer stands ‎alone at the U.N. to call it out for its own bias ‎and shortcomings. The U.S. has stood up for Israel ‎at the U.N. in the past, but the Trump ‎administration has taken it a step further, ‎challenging the U.N.’s anti-Israel positions head-on. ‎

In the past two years, the United States has begun ‎unmasking international organizations and U.N. ‎agencies such as the Human Rights Council, UNRWA and ‎UNESCO, showing them for what they really are. When ‎the world’s greatest superpower is on the side of ‎logic, common sense and the truth, one can, for the ‎first time, be cautiously optimistic that the threat ‎posed by Iran and its proxies, such as Hezbollah, ‎can be resolved via political means and not only ‎through military force. ‎

Ron Prosor is head of the Abba Eban Chair of International Diplomacy at the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya and Israel’s former ambassador to the U.N.

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