The IAF’s Suter electronic warfare system

When I was reading this recent post from Joseph:

I was intrigued by this bit:

They could meet Moscow’s challenge for an electronic duel. In previous encounters, Israel came of best. In 1982, the Israeli Air Force destroyed a Russian air defense network installed by Russia in the Lebanese Beqaa Valley; and more recently, in 2007, Israeli planes, before destroying the Iranian-North Korean plutonium reactor in Deir Ez-Zour, activated its “Suter” system to “blind” the Syrian/Russian radar protecting the site.

I hadn’t heard of the Suter system before. So I did some googling and came across the articles at links below, very interesting stuff.

How a Syrian nuclear facility was destroyed by the Israeli Air Force 7 years ago today

The Israeli ‘E-tack’ on Syria – Part I

The Israeli ‘E-tack’ on Syria – Part II

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