Happy New Year !  Shana Tova ! – JW

One who believes is not afraid



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5 Comments on “Happy New Year !  Shana Tova ! – JW”

  1. Kavan Says:

    Ketivah VaChatimah Tovah 
    Happy Rosh Hashanah to all Jews, who by their great endeavor and achievements in science, technology, philosophy, art, literature, culture, mathematics and music, through out the history, made the world more developed and humanity more civilized and prosperous.
    God Bless Israel

  2. Kavan Says:

    Thank you Joseph for your kindness. You are doing a great job. Happy Rosh Hashanah to you, your esteemed wife, and Warsclerotic team. Looking forward to a better future.
    God Bless Israel

    • josephwouk Says:

      Thank you Kavan. Sadly I am divorced and have no wife.

      Please reconsider joining our team. All the editors are behind my request. If you see doing so as an unavoidable threat to yourself, I understand. However, I would have thought your comments would have been more than enough to have the Mullahs come for you.

      שנה טובה…

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