Foreign Ministry says it will seek an ‘improved’ Iran deal in 2019 

Source: Foreign Ministry says it will seek an ‘improved’ Iran deal in 2019 | The Times of Israel

Annual ‘objectives’ plan also reportedly shows diplomatic service plans to improve relations with US Democrats, engage with other partners in Israeli-Palestinian negotiations

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks during a remembrance ceremony at the Paneriai Holocaust Memorial near Vilnius, Lithuania, on August 24, 2018. (AFP Photo/Petras Malukas)

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks during a remembrance ceremony at the Paneriai Holocaust Memorial near Vilnius, Lithuania, on August 24, 2018. (AFP Photo/Petras Malukas)

In the wake of the US withdrawal from the nuclear deal with Iran, a document from Israel’s Foreign Ministry reportedly says efforts for 2019 should focus “on pressuring for an improved agreement that will address the flaws in the old deal.”

According to Haaretz, which reported on the document, this wording in the ministry’s 2019 objectives document marks a change from the 2018 ministry plan, which focused instead on “establishing red lines” and “preventing Iran from making effective progress in its nuclear program, first and foremost with regard to the nuclear agreement.”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who long railed against the 2015 nuclear deal, gave a dramatic presentation a little over a week before US President Donald Trump’s May 8 decision to withdraw from the pact, in which he unveiled documents Israel spirited out of Tehran that he said proved Iran had lied about its nuclear program.

As in previous years, one of the goals of the Foreign Ministry is to work to end the presence of Iran and its proxies in Syria, the report said. However, this year a further aim of “diversifying those we rely on, including establishing and strengthening ties with Russia” has been added to the list of objectives.

Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as they prepare to deliver joint statements after a meeting and a lunch in the Israeli leader’s Jerusalem residence, Monday, June 25, 2012. (AP Photo/Jim Hollander, Pool)

For years, Israel has been concerned that Iran is using opportunities presented by the Syrian civil war to entrench itself militarily in the country in order to further threaten the Jewish state — alongside the threat already posed by Iran’s proxy, Hezbollah, in Lebanon.

Israel has vowed to prevent such a military presence, but officially remains mum on most of the military’s efforts to do so. Israel reportedly carried out airstrikes against Iranian military targets in the Syrian provinces of Hama and Tartus on Tuesday, killing three people and wounding 23.

According to Haaretz, the ministry also seeks to “use the US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital to campaign for other countries to do the same.”

Jerusalem’s status is perhaps the thorniest issue in the decades-long Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Israel considers the entire city its capital, while the Palestinians see its eastern neighborhoods as the capital of their future state. So far only Guatemala and Paraguay have joined the US in moving their embassies to Jerusalem from the coastal city of Tel Aviv.

The document also spells out a specific need to improve ties with the US’s Democratic Party ahead of the November 2018 mid-term elections.

The party has had an increasingly strained relationship with Netanyahu and his government, as Israel has been seen to align itself with US President Donald Trump and the Republican Party, and against the Iran deal. Netanyahu serves as foreign minister as well as prime minister.

The document also seems to demonstrate a policy shift from working only with the Americans to try to bring about a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, to now engaging with other partners in the Middle East and international community. On top of that, the ministry aims to continue building partnerships with “the Visegrad Group [Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Poland], the ‘Hellenic triangle’ and the Baltic states,” the report said.

It also noted that, in contrast to the 2018 goals, the ministry will work to avert a humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip with the aim of creating long-term stability in the region.

A Palestinian checks a truck loaded with humanitarian aid from the US as it arrives in the Palestinian town of Rafah through the Kerem Shalom crossing between Israel and the southern Gaza Strip on August 6, 2014.

The document also reportedly uses the phrase “delegitimization” in a section of the report dedicated to the fight against anti-Semitism. According to the report, this represents a shift, as the phrase is most commonly used by the Strategic Affairs Ministry, which is responsible for the fight against the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement.

According to the newspaper, the document also addresses increasing tensions between Israel and the Diaspora community, in particular with liberal Jewish individuals and groups.

“Strengthen the ties with the various streams and establish a dialogue with key liberal elements inside and outside the Jewish world” is repeated as a goal from last year.

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