Iranian Convoy Hit near Homs, 9 Casualties

Iranian convoy in Syria-Photo Credit: Screenshot

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported Monday that explosions shook an area in the eastern countryside of Homs after midnight Monday, citing reliable sources saying that they were caused by airstrikes that targeted vehicles of regime’s allies.

According to the Syrian Observatory, a column of Iranian Forces and their loyal gunmen of Syrian and non-Syrian nationalities was hit by warplanes of unknown origin—possibly belonging to the US-led International Coalition—as the convoy passed near the al-Tanf area which is controlled by forces of the International Coalition and the Western-supported rebel factions.

The attack killed at least 8 of the Iranian force and the militia gunmen—1 Iranian, 3 Syrians and 4 “others,” and injured at least 11.

AFP inquired with the Coalition forces whether they were behind the attack but did not receive a response.

On Sunday an attack was reported in Syria near the Al-Maza military airport in Damascus, which was attributed to Israel. The Assad regime denied an Israeli involvement, stating the cause for the enormous explosions was an electric malfunction. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that two military personnel were killed and 11 others were wounded in that attack.

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