ART: Tommy Robinson is free!

The UK’s leading critic of Islam Tommy Robinson has had his appeal against a 13-month sentence because of “contempt of court” success and is now on the loose!

by– Lauren Southern (@Lauren_Southern) August 1, 2018

Lord Justice Burnett and two other judges sat today in London, the prison on bail. “The appellant is granted bail and the prosecution Due contempt of court in Leeds will be renegotiated,” the judge ruled today . Robinson (Civic: Tommy Robinson) was not present in the courtroom. His supporters cheered.


His lawyer Jeremy Your had argued in court that at Robinsons flash condemnation in May “procedural errors” due to “prejudice” were committed. According to Your was the 13-month sentence for journalism on public property “clearly disproportionate”. The Court dismissed this argument.

Robinson is immediately released today and is expected with his family today. Robinson had written in June from prison a moving letter to his family ( jouwatch reported ).

His team wrote on Facebook : “Tommy just called his family from prison to ask what was the result. He said his fellow inmates called already that he was free, but did not want to believe it. He is now in seventh heaven! They had booked a family holiday this Friday, which means he can ride and finally spend time with his family now.

Tommy has asked us to thank all of you who have stood up for him. The Royal Court confirmed today that we have had all the right – that the conviction in Leeds was illegally “

There were a number of irregularities in Tommy Robinson’s arrest and conviction on flash 25.5, in fact. for coverage of a trial against a Pakistani gang rape ring :

– The law cited refers to interference in the court. However, Robinson was located on public property outside the courthouse.

– Robinson was aware of its obligations and has meticulously careful to use only information that was already known in the press.

– Robinson was arrested for “disorderly conduct”, but condemned for violating his parole. The alleged “disorderly conduct” never came back to the language.

– Robinson was told that he would not call his lawyer, it was not all that bad. Then him a public defender assigned, who advised him to plead guilty, then he would be free. Tommy has pleaded guilty and was jailed for 13 months.

AFD-Bundestagsabgeordenter Petr Bystron had Robinson offered asylum in Germany and described him as “political prisoners”. Nevertheless, the federal government, the European Human Rights Commissioner and groups like Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch refused to work for the most prominent political prisoner in Europe, as Bystron inviting her .

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