Israel fires Patriot missiles against Syrian jet in Golan Heights 

Source: Israel fires Patriot missiles against Syrian jet in Golan Heights – Arab-Israeli Conflict – Jerusalem Post

For the second time in three days, Israel fired interceptor missiles against Syrian missiles.

 JULY 24, 2018 14:22
A Patriot anti-missile system deployed in a joint U.S. and Israeli military outpost in Jaffa, south

While the military did not clarify if the jet had been shot down, the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit stated that two Patriot missiles were launched from Safed after the jet penetrated 2 kilometers into Israeli airspace.

According to Sky News Arabic the plane fell in the area of the Yarmuk basin, a triangular border area between Syria, Israel and Jordan where there is intense fighting against the Islamic State group.

Incoming rocket alert sirens blared throughout northern Israel around 1.30PM in the Golan Regional Council, Jordan Valley and in the city of Katzrin.

“The air defense system was activated in our region, [but] there are no new guidelines,” read a statement from the Safed Municipality spokesperson.

It was the second-such incident of interceptors being fired in two days opposite Syrian areas where Damascus’s forces have been routing rebels.

In recent weeks Syrian government forces, backed by Russian air-power, have been retaking large swathes of territory on the Syrian Golan Heights from rebel groups along the Israeli border. Iranian forces and affiliated Shiite militias are also said to be playing a minor role in the offensive.

Due to the offensive and the Shiite forces creeping steadily to the border, the IDF has reinforced the Golan Division with additional artillery.

On Monday the Israel used it’s David Sling interceptor system for the first time, launching two missiles against two SS-21 Tochka tactical ballistic missiles launched from Syria. When the system determined that neither would hit Israeli territory, one of the interceptor missiles was ordered to self-destruct over Israel’s southern Golan Heights. The second David Sling interceptor missile meanwhile fell inside Syria without intercepting the second SS-21.

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