Of Topic: but these are dangerous developments .

Even SPD feared “mercenary army”: Von der Leyen wants to recruit for Bundeswehr foreigners


Defense Ministers Ursula von der Leyen. Photo: Imago

After abolition of conscription, the Bundeswehr soldiers suffering from deficiency. Now should possibly foreigners fill the gap, said a spokeswoman for the Defense of the ” Augsburger Allgemeine “. Apparently, the authority of Ursula von der Leyen (CDU) discussed even offer foreign recruits in exchange for entry into force of a German passport. Now there are warnings of a “mercenary army”.

On request of the newspaper, a ministry spokeswoman said: “The armed forces will grow. For this, we need qualified personnel. Therefore, we consider all possible options carefully. ”

The CSU is taken with the idea. Florian Hahn, defense policy spokesman of the CSU group in the Bundestag, said the “Augsburger Allgemeine”: “Under the European free movement modern models could be developed here. However, for every soldier the special relationship of trust must be secured.

The SPD defense expert Karl-Heinz Brunner can imagine According to the newspaper, at least, take EU foreigners in the squad. He also warned: “If citizens of other countries be included, even the promise to get a German passport, the Bundeswehr threatens a kind of mercenary army to be.” For other foreigners, the order must be that they are German citizens first – then German soldier.

In fact stand out from the Leyen ideas contrary to the German soldiers Act, which would have to be broken or changed. The law requires a special relationship of trust between the state and soldier, as his condition does the German nationality of the soldier, the newspaper said. With the exchange of the German passport to entry into the armed forces could now be bypassed. (WS)

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5 Comments on “Of Topic: but these are dangerous developments .”

  1. Peter Hofman Says:

    Ursula Gertrud von der Leyen (About this sound listen (help·info)) (née Albrecht; born 8 October 1958) is a German politician who has been the Minister of Defence since 2013, and she is the first woman in German history to hold that office. A physician by profession, she previously served as the Federal Minister of Labour and Social Affairs from 2009 to 2013 and as the Federal Minister of Senior Citizens, Women and Youth from 2005 to 2009. She is a member of the centre-right Christian Democratic Union. She was born and raised in Brussels, Belgium.

    Von der Leyen is the only minister who has served continuously in Angela Merkel’s cabinet since she took office in 2005.[1] Over many years she has often been described as a potential successor to Merkel as German Chancellor.[2] However, since 2018 she has been described as the favourite to succeed Jens Stoltenberg as Secretary General of NATO; she would in that case become the first woman to hold the office.[3][4][5]


  2. Peter Hofman Says:

    Do we see here “old” forces at work ?

  3. Peter Hofman Says:

    If you do a family search the name of Joachim Freiherr von der Leyen seems to have disappeared .

    Joachim Freiherr von der Leyen
    Joachim Freiherr von der Leyen (born September 28, 1897 in House Sea (Büderich (Meerbusch)), † 1945 in Dresden) was a German district administrator in Nazism, occupied Czechoslovakia and occupied Poland. In the district of Galicia he was involved as a district captain in the organization of the Holocaust.


    he was the father of the man from Ursula von der Leyen

  4. Rob Says:

    If the poor english translation language skills of this article are anything to go by, then this new foreigner German miltary “force” will be a monty python like joke…….:)

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