I want peace what do you want?

By Dushan Wegner


Photo: Imago

The White House announced some time ago: The US president congratulates Putin on his recent victory in the Russian presidential election. The two state leaders spoke on the phone. The US president stressed the improvement of US-Russia relations, including military cooperation. The US president and Putin agreed that the successful relationship in the years ahead should be strengthened. The US president told Putin that he was pleased to meet him soon.

Then they met too! They were in good spirits and schäkerten. The video you see  here at YouTube , the report read  here at Foreign Policy .

If you have clicked the two links? If so, then you know: My lines refer to a report from 2012. The aforementioned US President is the ” Messiah ” Barack Obama. (This congratulation is displaced so intense today that  snopes.com Extra has a page to which it confirms .) It is the same Obama who promised Medvedev once, after the election, he would have “more flexibility” to negotiate with Russia , (Yes, this is also  documented by video  and  confirmed by Snopes .) Later, the US relationship with Russia deteriorated then something.

Yesterday Trump and Putin held a joint press conference in Helsinki. Trump was friendly, though not as chummy as Obama or W. ( of went fishing with Putin ), unlike the Clinton clan to Melania Trump has taken unpaid in the context of lecture tours in Moscow with Putin, while Trump was still in office (see  newsweek.com, 20/10/2017 ) – and he did not have any “flexibility” promised. And yet the press was angry – very, very angry. If it were up to many opinion makers, Trump would have on the spot to explain the Third World War. Good thing there is not (always) goes to the press.

The bad sleeper

After the war, the Allies banned first the previous press to back in 1945 gradually permits to ” license newspapers to approve” such as Süddeutsche, time or the Frankfurter Rundschau. Only in 1949, the press was again completely released, after about the FAZ (1949) or IMAGE (1952) were founded.

The first generation of journalists not know the war. The chief editor of the world about,  Rudolf Meier sexton , had been resistance fighters and prisoners in the concentration camp Bergen-Belsen. Arno Rudert , co-founder of the Frankfurter Rundschau and later Director of the dpa precursor  DENA , had been arrested several times and sentenced to forced labor. Not all journalists had been so clearly to be found on that side, as should turn out right later, but all they had experienced the war. (Did I say too careful?)

The second generation, the children of the war generation quasi had parents who may not like telling them about the war, but highly frightened at night and cried, or had hidden these memories of which they did not want to talk back in the living room closet.

Today, nearly 75 years after the Second World War, we are dealing with an entirely new, entirely different generation of journalists. Oh yes, they talk about the war, and how! But: The intellectuals talk today about the war as one who curses in a foreign language; they say the word, they know its meaning, but they do not feel the pain. One who speaks of the war, but does not feel the pain, does not understand the word truth. A man is indeed never really understand what a birth, and if he ever so often pronounce the word. I see journalists who yearn for the war in the name of a higher “morality”, and I will be physically sick. These poor, stupid, scruffy children do not know what they are talking.

look yourself

Donald Trump is rare press conferences, but when he gives what it degenerates ever made in a scandal. Yesterday, on July 16, 2018 Donald Trump gave a press conference at the side of Vladimir Putin in Helsinki. Previously, she had talked privately. The video of the press conference there  on YouTube  and the  transcript at npr.org . (Both are in English.)

The response of some journalists and fellow politicians at this press conference was of the kind that might make one think one is that they are disposed to Mr. Trump not only neutral to friendly. There were words like “ignorant,” “treacherous,” “naive” and “useful idiot”. (see, for example  spiegel.de, 07.17.2018 )

I have also seen the conference. Yes, it is true that Trump was friendly with Putin, though not quite as playfully as then Obama. Yes, it’s true that it was contrary to the narrative in the context of Mueller-examination, after which Putin has thrown the choice for Trump. But it still ran on a few more things as it can be established on the basis of the video and the transcript.

Let us enter into the matter, but first we want to warm up virtually to train some logic.


In logic there is the art of syllogistic reasoning. From two premises gives a conclusion.

Let’s practice the syllogism!

Like this:

  • Premise 1: All humans are mortal.
  • Premise 2: Socrates is a man.
  • Conclusion: Socrates is mortal.

Or so:

  • Premise 1: Who takes politicians such as Trump and Putin literally in Empörungs age, is an idiot.
  • Premise 2: Many opinion leaders take Trump and Putin literally.
  • Conclusion: Many opinion leaders are idiots.

(Enough practiced logic, further in the text!)

At this point, I suppose, have you looked into the press conference itself and have read headlines such as “It’s a sad day for the world” ( faz.net, 07.17.2018 ). If you believe the media consensus, then delivered to the Russian President in this news conference the US president and the country.

However, read the transcript and the reports themselves! Read the review, even the geiferndste, and search for the answer to the question, what concessions because Trump has actually done in practice? He has taken what commitments? He has taken what action?


Not a single.

What is Trump  then  criticized?

journalism today

In about 38 minutes the video, the AP journalist Jonathan Lemire stands up to the last question, and attempts finally in aggressive journalistic activism, as he became famous among others “by CNN’s Jim Acosta.” Lemire calls on Trump: “Would you now say with the whole world as a spectator, President Putin, that you condemn what happened in 2016, and that you do not want him to do it ever again?”

We need not discuss whether the journalism is. It is not even “journalism with attitude”. It’s simple political activism (in this case non-elected political actors), populist and reserved for extra-smart.

Most citizens do not look at the entire conference. They trust people who act as journalists and report on the policy. A large number of citizens will receive their world view pre-filtered by activists who believe themselves to be the better politicians.

Functioning democracy requires informed citizens. If those who are to inform, but even openly appear as political actors, is “the press” not a guarantee but a threat to democracy.

The server

Trump and Putin are both presidents, have understood the communication in the age of social media. This means that they know that a large part of their audience has understood social media.

But those journalists who are still holding on ‘elite’,  hate  social media, because they take away their important role in society. Formerly, journalists “gatekeeper.” You decide which information is published and which are not.

Trump tweets past journalists. Journalists will never forgive Trump that he does not accept its claimed sovereignty over what the “common people” experiences.

Trump and Putin have introduced a practice in this conference, which could be described as “Drunter comment” in the Twitter-style. If a journalist posts a one-sided information or question, now is anyone willing illuminates the context and the statement takes the lead.

When that activists from the Associated Press gave his political plea, Trump replied, among other things: “There are groups who are wondering why the FBI has never taken the server. Why do they have never taken the server? Why has told the FBI that it should leave the offices of the Democrats? “

You could call it “whataboutism” – by the way, according to legend, a classic Russian tactics (which Putin also applied in the following interview with Fox News). I think it’s more than distraction. But too many journalists are so busy, Trump obliterate one that she did not hear what the politicians really want to tell.

Trump and Putin have – and this is  my  interpretation – especially one central message conveyed: At any given time pass 10,000 things between all major states, each of which could scandalize individual. Activist journalists like to always pick out only those aspects that can look bad political opponents of their editors. But: Thanks to social media, it is quite easy to make the counter-arguments in the room. “I know how dossiers are done,” said Putin in reference to a likely all or fake in much of Anti-Trump dossier, was involved in the dissemination of the Republican Trump hater John McCain (see eg theguardian.com, 01/11/2017foxnews.com, 05.10.2018 ).

Numb with rage

Many journalists have become so walled in their anti-Trump-activism that they have not realized how Putin said some things in a roundabout way that could be interpreted as an admission of influence opinion. With respect to the company “Concorde Management” (which influence acquisitions are accused in the 2016 election campaign, see eg  cnn.com, 14/05/2018 ) denies Putin effect that the Russian government has to do with this – and mentions just as George Soros example of a political player with no connection to the government. ( “But does that make him, his position the posture of the United States? No it does not.”  Npr.org )

Now it is so that the George Soros Foundation “Open Society” seems well on friendly terms with some politicians and side-by-side with governments against a common political enemy fights (see, eg  tichyseinblick.de, 05/03/2017 ) while in countries whose policy is less “suicidal” oriented than the Merkel government, is rather suspicious observed, as in his native Hungary to (see eg  welt.de, 05.15.2018 ) or Israel (see eg  jpost.com, 4.2. 2018 ). If Putin says that Russia is so far removed from the company like Soros governments is far, then it is at least interesting.

Paid “quality journalists” are literally numb with rage. Perhaps the new generation of journalists covering who-knows-what relations took office just do not, only the inner span to look behind the curtain of irrelevancies. The two gentlemen  want  so that you understand what they are really saying – but they have to say it so that they can deny it any time.

He who has ears to hear, “let him hear!” It says  in the Bible , and that seems to be good advice here.

Blessed are the peacemakers

No, not all journalists are outraged emotional fools. They still exist, the breath deeply and think about what happens as the quiet thinker – and not lose their colleagues from view!

Timo Lokoschat of the BILD newspaper writes about the press conference:

“There’s certainly a lot of reprehensible on #TrumpPutinSummit, with some commentators have been, however, a feeling they would not be satisfied until the two yelled at in front of cameras or better yet organize a wrestling match.” ( @Lokoschat, 07/17/2018 )

What would Trump because to do? Bill Clinton was kind to Putin. George W. Bush was friendly with Putin. Obama was friendly with Putin. At Trump but it is made the accusation that he does not strike Putin on camera in the nose.

What Trump because  really  done in Europe in terms of Putin? He has put pressure on Germany, the Russian-German pipeline project “to lay Nord Stream 2” on ice (some say with self-interest, see eg  handelsblatt.com, 07.11.2018 ). He insisted that Germany is upgrading its own power (see, eg  cnn.com, 07.11.2018 ). In German: He acts for the benefit of America, it strengthens the energy independence of the West  , and  he wants to force Central Europe de facto to finally take responsibility for themselves – and because he wants to make Central Europe stronger and more independent of Russia, he is a Putin- Servant?! It is journalists logic, it’s not my logic.

A cynical wag might say that Trump is a poor man, in fact, doing as if he were a billionaire – and Putin a poor man who acts as if he were a poor man (see eg  welt.de, 12.11.2007 ) , But no, I believe that by now both have to include all grandchildren and great grandchildren no longer worry about how they will pay the children’s braces. Both Trump like Putin, are businessmen, and as far as I survey that they are not of the kind that earn more than the peace in the war. Trumps skyscrapers and Russian energy companies alike deserve better, with people traveling merrily, golf and afford overpriced apartments.

There are strange times. You get the feeling that the powerful want peace, but the journalists intending to write at the mercy of the Third World War.

Yes, truly strange times! Those who want peace, who is soon as “right”. One should not be taken literally Trump, that’s true, but you should listen exactly what campaign promises he made. It was during the election campaign clear to many observers – and Trump has said it explicitly (see eg  guardian.com, 25/10/2018 ) – that the risk of war with Hillary Clinton would be higher than under Trump (see eg  independent.co.uk, 25/10/2016 ) .

I could be wrong, but I think, in Helsinki, something happened in our European perspective, which  still  is more problematic than the hackneyed Trump collusion narrative suggests.

In Helsinki Trump told Putin: “Vlad, old house, what we do with Europe? This “Merkel, Seriously?

Then Putin: “Oh stop it, I know, from before. And  fear of dogs has also . No, Europe is irresponsible. “

Trump: “Unzu-what?”

Putin: “Stupid.”

Trump: “Yeah, incredibly stupid. OK. We need to bring order to Syria. And North Korea. And Iran. And Israel! Without Europe, because they have just invited Africa and are busy on the next 100 years. “

Putin: “Karashow. Israel has asked us where  to help with Syria . “

Trump: “One more thing: Have you hacked us?”

Putin: “We, you? No way. Your us about? “

Trump: “We chop you? Never ever!”

(Both laugh.)

I know that some journalists see it differently, that left suddenly feel bloodlust and suddenly “require journalists who were themselves overwhelmed by the battle with plastic spoons hardness’. They talk about the war and do not know what their words mean. We once spoke of the “just war” – some journalists seem to think that there is a “unjust peace.”

I still know the generation that woke up at night because they nacherlebte the fight again and again. I still know the generation that knew to report how the comrade at night out of the ditch went to shit, and then the shells struck, and then here you had to pick the childhood friend in pieces, tibia, skull half there.

Trump is now “called traitors” and “wet noodle” (eg see  bild.de, 07.17.2018 ). He gets “advice” of George W. Bush ( Afghanistan –  and  Iraq war ) and Obama ( 10 times as many drone strikes as Bush20,000 bombs ).

Who “never again,” says the need to ask for any politician: Is a new war with him more or less likely?

It is addressed for evil today ( “agitators” or “Right” there is the mildest), but I think simply that  nothing is more important than human life  , and nothing worse than war.

My motto is ” Arrange your circles! “But if you state Mannn, it must always be: Arrange your circles so that peace reigns.

I will speak out more for the politicians and politics that make peace more likely, as I understand. If you insulted me that I find peace well, then I take that as honor.


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