“Palestinians”: Australian Decision to Withhold Funds “Declaration of War

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No. The declaration of war comes when the “Palestinians” murder Israeli civilians who are peacefully gathering for Shabbat dinner. The declaration of war comes when “Palestinians” pass out candy on the street to celebrate the brutal murders of Israeli civilians. The declaration of war comes from “Palestinians” paint swastikas on kites and place molotov cocktails on them, and send them over the Israeli border. The declaration of war comes when “Palestinian” TV routinely carries incitement to hatred and genocide of the Jews. Neither the Australians nor anyone else should be funding any of this.

“Palestinians: Australian Decision to Withhold Funds ‘Declaration of War,’” by Chris Mitchell, CBN, July 6, 2018:

JERUSALEM, Israel – The Palestinian Authority accused Australia of making a declaration of war following its decision to withhold financial aid to the PA if it continues to reward terrorists and their families. It’s one more nation pressuring the PA to stop a policy many call “pay to slay.”

The controversial policy provides money to convicted Palestinian terrorists and their families for attacks on Israelis. The payments coming from this fund add up to more than $330 million each year.

Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop objected to the policy saying, “I am concerned that in providing funds for this aspect of the PA’s operation, there is an opportunity for it to use its own budget to [fund] activities that Australia would never support.”

Senior Palestinian official Hanan Ashrawi called Bishop’s statement “extremely insulting.”

“Australia now is just doing the bidding of the US unfortunately and Julie Bishop’s statement is extremely insulting and it shows the utmost ignorance of the realities of Palestinians living under a cruel and brutal and illegal Israeli occupation,” she said.

Australia’s decision follows America’s lead in passing the Taylor Force Act that also withholds aid until the PA ends the terror payments. Congress named the law after Taylor Force, an American citizen killed in a 2016 terror attack in Israel….

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One Comment on ““Palestinians”: Australian Decision to Withhold Funds “Declaration of War”

  1. wingate Says:

    Pamela Geller is a highly respected, decent person – thank you for all your great work !

    Just a thought of mine to mention :
    There ais no socalled “palestinians people” nor was there ever a state called ” palestine” !

    The egyptian arch terroris arafat invented these lies to wipe out the nation of Israel !

    The western world buys these lies because the western nations are jew hating, money loving cowards !

    But make no mistake :
    the God of Israel is cutting down all of Israels enemies!

    So look at europe – europe is comitting suicide / collabsing socially + economically, not to mention that europe isnt
    Capable to defend itself….

    So, Israel will live thanks to her God !

    But Israels enemies will be cut down !

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