Undercover journalist: “The Muslim Brotherhood sit with Angela Merkel at a table”


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The famous Israeli undercover journalist Zvi Yehezkeli slips for his reports to other identities. The Arabian powerful, allowing him deep insight into the Muslim world. For his five-part series “wrong identities” he was touring Germany. he meets German extremism experts, government employees and Muslims under the title “The Muslim Brotherhood in Germany and Turkey”. They all confirm that Islam had already deeply taken root in Germany – The Muslim Brotherhood should be even in the highest government circles penetrated and sit with Angela Merkel at a table. 

Here the most important passages of his report :

“Islam will return and rule over Europe and the West. Does the conquest take place by the sword? No, that’s not necessary. There are something like the silent conquest “these are the words of Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi. He is regarded as the most influential Muslim clerics and his message is public to hear worldwide. Still, distributed in the underground, the Islamic Caliphate is growing by the soft jihad in the West. The Objective: The introduction of Sharia laws throughout the world.

His army is the Muslim Brotherhood, which has an enormous impact in the West. The relations between it and Turkey are currently the greatest threat to the Western world. “In order to reveal the hidden power, you can not work with the usual journalistic means. I have to cross borders. I have to stop Zvi Yehezkeli be. I have to be to Abu Hamza. I change my identity, become a Muslim Sheik Abu Hamza, “says Israeli journalist. With the help of the secret service he gets false papers that make him the Syrians for his trip to Turkey.

“In Turkey, the gentle Jihad has already won. The country, once a secular state, enduring the silent revolution by political Islam. It took a few decades, but today Islam is engaged in all areas of life. The construction of mosques that face veiling of women, to eliminate the secular state founded by Turkey Ataürk. For all this is is a man responsible. He calls himself sultan or caliph: Recep Tayyip Erdogan. As president, he ruled Turkey in line with the Muslim Brotherhood. He greets with the message of brotherhood, the “Fabia” – a hand einkrümmt the thumb and four fingers showing. Erdoğan million refugees in the country. He controls who continue to travel to Europe and who is not. And it is he who sends them Islam to Europe, and they show him their gratitude. I’ll take you to Europe and you behave loyal to me. Here I design the country after the Islam of the Muslim Brotherhood and you take these rules to Europe and verbreitest them there – that’s the deal. The refugees and in particular the Turkish population in Germany are useful tools against the EU. The cooperation of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) with Turkey is currently the largest threat to the West …. “.

The Syrian Pass is the ticket to Europe, who owns it, is recognized as a refugee in Germany and gets political asylum. Zvi Yehezkeli goes to Istanbul to search for a Syrian passport. He is not there as an Israeli, but as Jordanian traders and enters one of the many mobile phone shops of the city, known for the pass trade.

The seller told him about his good life in Turkey enthusiastic: “In Germany, the women separated because of quarrels of their men. They think they have rights. There, you can not beat your wife. If you raise the voice against them, they will coincide with the police … Here in Turkey, you can do it all. Here the man is protected, in Germany the woman, “says the pass dealer.

For a sum of around $ 1,000 he gets his new identity three days later after a little back and forth. He is now the Syrians “Abdullah Alatrash” born 1958th

Asylum in Germany – a matter of minutes

Shortly after landing the 47-year-old Yehezkeli alias Abdullah Alatrash in Berlin-Tempelhof, a former airport, now the largest initial reception of the German capital. He was to report in “Hangar 1”, told him the security guard at the entrance. There, waiting in a small cabin, a government official at him. “The first time here?” The older man asks him wearing glasses. “Yes, the first time”, “Abdullah” confirmed. “Do you have a passport?”. He hands the man over his fake identity card. From now on, it goes fast. Yet the message, “Abdullah” a short five-minute medical examination would have to undergo some papers to be filled out, “Abdullah” has another question. What about my family? My wife and children are still in Syria … “replica” You must live in Germany three years before you are entitled to family reunification “replies the man in the blue shirt. “But if I want to get them now,” the Arabic-speaking staff knows what to do: “There is the possibility to smuggle ago. You may come across Greece. Smuggling them over Greece, “said the officials. “With a bit of coordination can arrange that,” he is sure. The German officials, paid by German taxpayers, says the alleged Syrian, as he does it to deceive the German system. “With a bit of coordination can arrange that,” he is sure. The German officials, paid by German taxpayers, says the alleged Syrian, as he does it to deceive the German system. “With a bit of coordination can arrange that,” he is sure. The German officials, paid by German taxpayers, says the alleged Syrian, as he does it to deceive the German system.

Photo: From Mozo Productions / Shutterstock
former Tempelhof airport -now known as focal point for Refugees (Photo: From Mozo Productions / Shutterstock)

One last signature, a quick photo with the phone for identification, the authority staff handed out the documents. His asylum application is being processed and he has “ok” with the authorities immediately access to any government support. The new Islamic life can beginnen.Ab now running “Abdullah” as Syrian refugees through Berlin without anyone knows who he really is.

The employees come from Gaza, “Abdullah” experiences. Little jokes are made, there is agreement. “Abdullah” leaves happy smiling space – the reporter Zvi Yehezkeli, however, is noticeably shocked at how easy it make the Germans with the review of identities.

Neukölln – Arab district of Berlin

Zvi Yehezkeli then goes to Berlin in the footsteps of the Muslim Brotherhood. He meets with two Syrian refugees. Ahmed and Yusuf came last year via Turkey-Greece route. Now they live in Neukölln, the Arabic center of the city. “We got help from a Muslim British organization.” Most of the members were Muslims, they tell willingly.

The two left Syria as a secular Muslim and did not show much interest in their religion. On their way to Berlin they lived for a year in a warehouse in Pristina in Kosovo. There, the MB are active, they formed to pious Muslims. When they arrive in Berlin, they pray five times a day and fast course in Ramadan. “Do you think that Islam will rule here? All Germans are Christians? “Asks the” Syrians “. “I’m going to make me one by one. I start with those around me. You will listen to me. If any Muslim makes it so is the go equipped with no problems, “is the convincing answer.

YouTube screenshot
Sonnenallee in Berlin Neukölln is now called “Arab street” (Screenshot: YouTube)

“? Do you think there is a violent reaction by the Germans against the Muslims give” The Refugee replies: “You pray but with them, you do not compel yes. You do not confront with force. You’re doing so slowly. I tell you, it will happen. There will be clashes, but will subside, and people will accept the reality. There is no way out. Each change brings clashes with them. What is the dream of every Muslim? This is the Islamic state. An Islamic society. Muslims prefer Sharia law. The goal is that in 20 years, the Sharia will be a part of Germany. That Sharia has become part of the state … We build a good Islamic society. ”

Ahmed and Yusuf are not the only ones who dream to establish a Sharia state in Germany, says the Israeli reporters after a visit to Neukölln: “Do you want a Muslim rather live under European law or the Sharia,” he asks Men in a Neuköllner main road that gives the impression of long, she would lie in the Middle East and not in the former working-class district of Berlin. “Sharia, we are Muslims … This street is called not in vain Arab street. Here are not only Germans, no more blond people, only Muslims … Sharia – what I have to do with their laws? Which is better Da’wah or violence? – Da’wah … We want to live without meddle by our rules. We will be their teacher. We will carry out our religion, that they may lay joy ” are the clear announcements of the “German” Muslims. (N. D. Red .: Da’wah is a popular phrase of the Muslim Brotherhood and means “call to Islam”. )

Extremism expert: “There is not a meeting with Merkel without the Muslim Brotherhood”

It goes to Schöneberg, a popular especially with gay district in the old West Berlin. On the metro station of the idyllic Auguste-Viktoria Square waiting for a Extremism expert who wishes to remain anonymous.

“Why do we meet here. There are death threats against you? ”

“Unfortunately, yes. I have dealt for years with Islamic extremism. For different media in Germany and Europe. Of course I have criticized elements of Islam that lead to radicalization. That’s why I was threatened with death. “The threats come from all sides, so the informant.

“But you live in a free society?”

“Free for those who keep his mouth shut … Daesh here (IS) … Ikhawan (MB), al Qaeda are here … Ikhawan says,” we do not need explosives to introduce Islam in Europe. No, they are aimed at the media and try to propagate the acceptance of religion. “The mass media, the Internet and the political system they gain influence, the man claimed.

“There is not a meeting with Chancellor Angela Merkel, where the Muslim Brotherhood is not participating and sitting in the front row. We are talking about people who have studied in the past four years in the world’s largest campaign in order to convince European society that violence that takes place in the name of religion has nothing to do with religion, “said the controversial statement of experts.

“Daesh will eventually cease to exist. But the greatest threat to Germany represent people whose approach is the political attitude in Islam. They identify with Mursi, with Erdogan and Qatar. They are busy every day in order to spread the Islamic faith on the Internet and in the mosques. This is the greatest danger. Not in the next one to two years, but in the next 20, 30, 40 years. In the next generation there will be a growing number of young German, who were born in Germany, but oppose all that is German, as the political approach, rules, laws. That is the danger. This is initiated by Qatar and Erdoğan process that takes place in Germany under the surface instead. ”

To look into the future, it is necessary to direct a look at Turkey. 

“The quiet revolution taking place in Turkey under Erdogan, goes into its active phase. Erdogan is on the home straight. He goes against the political opposition before, cleans the media, and eliminates other distracting elements. It is an ongoing, strategic and slow march … But in this country, the dream of the Muslim Brotherhood met. The targeted Islamic Caliphate we find here in Chershamba, a district in Istanbul. An old and growing district in the heart of the city, where only the law of Islam prevails. Here, everyone knows everyone, “said the undercover journalist.

“In this place, the rules and restrictions prevail under the laws of Sharia. The sale of alcohol is prohibited. Earlier swarmed here by tourists from all over Europe. Today, this road looks like a the Middle East. Without alcohol and with many Arab signs … The new tourists come from Jordan, Syria, Kuwait, Egypt, Lebanon, etc. The Arab booming. Across the country, Arab Islamic schools open. It is a return to Islamic culture … The Turkish state promotes Islamic physical education … Erdoğan has built soccer fields in poor areas. The coaches are all Islamic and attract a new generation approach. ”

(Screenshot YouTube
Turkish President waving the “Fabia-hand” the symbolic greeting of the Muslim Brotherhood (screenshot YouTube)


“We do not teach just football. If I train them, then they also respect me and my way of life. How to follow the laws and fast … For us, this is a mission “, the football coach says proudly.

The observance of Islamic laws and rules, the return to the Arabic language, the sport as an entry to the “true” Islam, the prohibition of alcohol. All this belongs to the classical methods of the Muslim Brotherhood, white Zvi Yehezkeli.

“The Muslim Brotherhood is a nest of extremists. Not Qatar, but Ankara is now centered. The cooperation of the Muslim Brotherhood with Turkey is currently the greatest threat to the Western world, because the Muslim Brotherhood “to gain through Turkey legitimacy, provides an informant clear with blackened face.

“Because they have failed in the Middle East, they are now trying the great experiment, this land that lies between the Middle East and Europe, slowly turning into a Islamic state,” Zvi Yehezkeli notes at the end of his nearly one-hour documentary.

With the help of a determined leader like Erdogan, who likes to present itself to the greeting of the Muslim Brotherhood, the Fabia, succeeds the Muslim Brotherhood to spread their Islamic faith not only in the East but in the West, in Europe. This was the conclusion of the journalist.

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  1. ” those who don’t learn and understand the past are deemed to repeat it” sir Winston Churchill whom Chamberlin failed to hear and the blessed Virgin Mary warned of at Fatima Hitler had an affinity for Ikhwan around 1928 now the new furor aka Merkel carries the appeasement and external threats collusion with the daddy of Islamic terrorism the Muslim Brotherhood and it’s” friends and fellow travelers”. Questioning Trump and opening the Sharia doors to hell. Poor Germany the old scotch drinking and portly hero WC lamented and our lady promised as once again the preventable atrocities and world war migrates, infiltrates, to grand deception. Obama and Angie thanks

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