IDF deploys Iron Dome air defense along Gaza border

July 6, 2018

The IDF has deployed several Iron Dome air-defense batteries along the Gaza border, where tensions have heightened dramatically.

By: World Israel News

An Iron Dome system intercepts Hamas rocket in Ashdod. (IDF/File)

The IDF on Thursday deployed several Iron Dome anti-missile batteries along Israel’s border with Gaza, following a military assessment.

The defense ministry reported last week that Palestinian terrorists in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip fired 289 rockets and mortar shells into Israel.

According to Ha’aretz, “this is more than any recent year – including the period in 2014 that preceded Operation Protective Edge that began on July 8 of that year.”

“The IDF is prepared for several scenarios and ready to defend the citizens of the State of Israel and its sovereignty,” the IDF said in a statement.

100 days since launch of arson terror from Gaza

Since the start of the Hamas-led “March of Return” on March 30, tensions have heightened dramatically.

Saturday will mark 100 days since the beginning of the arson terror launched against Israel’s southern communities from Gaza, where terrorists have been sending incendiary kites and balloons over the border.

To date, approximately 50 dunams of land in the south has been scorched, including farms and nature reserves. The damaged land is roughly equivalent to the size of Greater Tel Aviv.


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