Arab media leaks Trump’s “deal of the century” and Egypt’s role in it

Obviously take this with a grain of salt but…

Arab (more precisely, Arabic – Palestine Today) media has provided a description of what role Egypt would play in Trump’s so-called “deal of the century” – the deal to end the Israel-Palestinian conflict.

The article is in Arabic, but I have used Google translate to get an English version. Google translate does a pretty good job converting Arabic to English, so I have not amended anything.

This proposal sounds very interesting. More interesting is that Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan are all (apparently) prepared to accept it, even if the Pally’s don’t… (and they would never accept anything that doesn’t include the so-called “right of return” and destruction of Israel’s jewish character).

The deal would seem to also have the effect of driving out of the Sinai the Isis-types, which have been a cause of concern for Egypt, hence it seems feasible that Egypt would be on side (as per the bit in blue). Trump sure does know how to do crafty deals…

Be good to see the Israel haters response if everyone (including Arab states) accepts the plan, but the Pally’s don’t. That would fully expose what most of us have known all along: the Pally’s and their supporters aren’t interested in “peace”, but instead are only interested in the eradication of the Jewish state.

I have seen this approach referred to as the “outside in” approach. Traditionally, the resolution of the Israel-Pally conflict was seen as a precusor to Israel achieving peace/acceptance with the Arab nations.

On the other hand, the “outside in” approach seeks to gain the support/acceptance of the Arab nations before peace is achieved in the Israel-Pally conflict (ie acceptance from other Arab nations is seen as driving the peace deal).

Of course, the beauty of the “outside in” approach is that will make abundantly clear to everyone the true motivation of the Pally’s when they refuse to accept the deal, and yet again, they fail to accept the opportunity placed right before their eyes. They never fail to achieve defeat in the face of victory….

But before the article I have pasted links-only to two other articles: the first where the Pally’s refute the speculated deal and that the Arab nations are on side with the US, and the second where Hamas claims Russia is against the speculated deal.

I suggest you take these two articles with an even bigger grain of salt…


Hamas claims Russia opposes Trump peace plan

Egyptian agreement on the “deal of the century”: Sinai is essential in the plan

Trump to settle the Palestinian issue known as the “Deal of the Century”, which was discussed during the last round in the region by his brother-in-law and adviser, Jared Kouchner, and his envoy to the region, Jason Greenblatt, From Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Israel and Qatar.

The sources said the meeting, which brought together Kouchner and Greenblatt with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, Foreign Minister Sameh Shukri and intelligence chief General Abbas Kamel in Cairo last week, touched on the details of the deal, which is being hampered by the Palestinian Authority’s refusal to respond.

The sources explained that the talks of Kouchner in Cairo touched on the details of the Egyptian contribution to the deal, which will be through the Sinai Gate, specifically North Sinai, which has been identified a major role in the plan, to serve as a “cornerstone,” the sources said, pointing to That the establishment of a free trade zone on the border between the Gaza Strip and Rafah, Egypt, in addition to the establishment of a giant power station in the area dedicated to production of the Gaza Strip with full funding of more than $ 500 million.

The North Sinai section of the US plan for the settlement of the Palestinian issue also includes the establishment of a joint Egyptian-Gaza seaport, which will be fully supervised by Egypt and will be operated by the sector. In addition, the project includes, according to the sources, the allocation of an Egyptian airport in the north of Sinai to serve the people of the sector, to be under the supervision and employment of Egypt in full, as well as the establishment of a large industrial area on the border between the two countries, funded by the Gulf.

The sources stressed that this formula has become very welcome in the Egyptian political circles, instead of the principle of land exchange, which was a popular Egyptian rejection, pointing out that the current perception will facilitate the popular marketing, especially as these projects will be implemented on Egyptian territory, Which will join a group of Saudi projects in South Sinai as part of the giant Neum project, which is being adopted by the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, with the participation of Egypt, Jordan and Israel.

The sources stressed that there are Israeli requirements to implement these steps and all the projects allocated to the Gaza Strip within the framework of inflating it into a Palestinian state, in addition to what is left of the West Bank that has not been consumed by the settlements and other than Jerusalem as well. These requirements are to be subject to supervision, , To ensure that they are not used in “any activities hostile to Israel”.

The sources pointed out that the Egyptian government in the context of the semi-final scenario, will in the coming period, specifically the new fiscal year, to start expanding the buffer zone in Sinai, and the evacuation of larger areas, to facilitate the implementation of those proposed projects after that, to be all the land is allocated uninhabited.

In the same context, the Egyptian parliament approved the opening of a new appropriation in the state budget, about 70 billion pounds (about 4 billion dollars) earmarked for additional government expenditure items, which included payment of compensation expected to the people of Sinai. The text of the law, which was approved by the parliament on Sunday in its first article, stipulates that an additional appropriation of the state budget for the fiscal year 2017-2018 of 70 billion three hundred million pounds, distributed on the third section of the “benefits”, will be added to the amount of 57 billion pounds The benefits of local and external public debt, and also the fifth section “other expenses”, in the amount of two billion and three hundred million pounds, to meet the payment of compensation in the province of North Sinai.

Egyptian and Arab diplomatic sources confirmed to the “new Arab” earlier that the first phase of the Trump plan includes a package of measures estimated at about 3 billion dollars pledged by Gulf countries to bear them in full.

The White House issued a statement after Kouchner and Greenblatt’s visit to Cairo, saying that the meeting “discussed increased cooperation between the United States and Egypt, the need to facilitate humanitarian access to Gaza, and Trump’s efforts to facilitate peace between Israelis and Palestinians.” Egyptian Ambassador to Egypt, Ambassador Bassam Radhi, said that Sisi affirmed Egypt’s support for international efforts and initiatives aimed at reaching a just and comprehensive settlement in accordance with agreed international terms and on the basis of the two-state solution according to the 1967 borders. To review the efforts exerted by Egypt to complete the process of Palestinian reconciliation and calm the situation in Gaza and its measures to alleviate the suffering of the residents of the Gaza Strip, including the opening of the Rafah crossing throughout the month of Ramadan.



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