Poll shows deep divisions between Israeli and U.S. Jews 

Source: Poll shows deep divisions between Israeli and U.S. Jews – Israel Hayom

( Blinded by leftist ideology spread by Democrats and the MSM – JW )

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2 Comments on “Poll shows deep divisions between Israeli and U.S. Jews ”

  1. Peter K. Says:

    Missing from this analysis, is the co-coinciding fact that long-term “slippery slope” of non-orthodox sects of American Judaism has turned into a steep mountainous incline. Traditional American Conservative Congregations have for the most part either morphed into reform like Temples, or vanished altogether. Although there some growth in Orthodox-ism, in some areas it is primarily fueled by Israeli-Americans. The steep increase of mixed marriage families has forced too many American families into choosing between close family ties or historic traditional values. This situation, long predicted is coming to a head sooner rather than later.

    These changes, also parallel changes in emerging American-Jewish community charitable giving habits. Traditional recipients of our generosity such as UJA, Federation, JNF, and Hadassah have given way to concerns over environment, egalitarianism, and causes of the moment. The Israeli-Trump love affair, has hopefully has seeded the thought in Israeli politics that there will have to be some serious fence mending down the road, hopefully, not at too great a cost.

  2. ari Berkowitz Says:

    I am fed up, FAR beyond the point at which redemption is tangible possibility, with progressive liberal american Jews, and progressive liberalism in general. I am unable to see or to otherwise envision, any scenario in which the contemporary adherents to progressive liberal dogma, and doctrine, will reverse course, in the slightest degree, and allow ONE SINGLE IOTA of non liberal progressivde influence to emerge within the spectrum of their infected world view.

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