How did the Mossad get the nuclear papers out of Iran?

I was reading the article below about a visit to Israel by a delegation from Azerbaijan.

I noticed the bit I have marked in bold: a theory that is circulating (and it seems a very reasonable one) on how the Mossad got the stash of nuclear papers out of Iran.

Theory is that it was transported (by truck?) to Azerbaijan then flown back to Israel.

Even more curious is that this theory (published by a paper in Kuwait) was quoted from an Israeli source. Hmmmmm…..

Anyway, I have a friend at work who is from Azerbaijan, and muslim of course. He is heavily into watching UFC fights like me, and we often catch up to watch UFC events together.

He, and his mates from Azerbaijan, are all very proud of their country’s views on Israel, and they are very supportive of Israel as well – I get along with them just fine with my pro-Israel views. I guess they like the top quality defence equipment that Israel sells them, ha ha.

But how they reconcile their views on Israel with the teachings of their religion is beyond me. I guess I will never understand.

First-Ever Delegation From Azerbaijan Visits Israel During US Embassy Opening

On May 14, as the United States was inaugurating its new embassy in Jerusalem, senior officials from Azerbaijan visited Israel for a first-ever meeting meant to strengthen economic ties between Israel the two countries.

An Azeri delegation headed by the Azeri tax minister stayed for three days, meeting with Minister of Jerusalem Affairs and Minister of Environmental Protection Zeev Elkin on ways to promote economic, commercial and business ties.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited the country in December 2016 to strengthen relations between the countries.

Azerbaijan is a major customer for Israeli weapons, having purchased nearly $5 billion in arms from the Jewish state, including radar systems and drones, which it uses in a protracted war with Armenia over control of territory.

Reports also suggest that Israel uses Azer territory to surveil neighboring Iran. The Kuwaiti paper Al-Jarida quoted an Israeli source as saying that the massive cache of Iranian documents Netanyahu recently displayed in a televised presentation on the nuclear threat of Iran were smuggled by Mossad agents to Israel through Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan provides Israel with energy, and receives high-tech, medical and agricultural supplies from Israel.

Though the country is 97 percent Muslim, it is home to approximately 12,000 Jews and to several Jewish schools, a Chabad center and a kosher restaurant in Baku, the nation’s capital and commercial hub.


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7 Comments on “How did the Mossad get the nuclear papers out of Iran?”

  1. Bijan Says:

    Off topic, regarding the final paragraph of the green text:
    1 The overwhelming majority of the Middle Easterns have positive to extremely positive view on Israel, despite all western media propaganda and ugly rhetoric of the regional demagogues and corrupt intelligentsias.
    2- Not all Middle Eastern Muslims practice Islam the way fundamentalists do. They are just Muslims because they were born in Muslim families.
    3- Whatever the teachings of Qoran are, they have little effects on the daily lives and views of these Muslims who suffer from oppression of their oppressive governments.
    4- Middle Eastern Jews like other minorities had suffered from oppression by the majority, not categorically due to Anti-Semitism which is basically a European disease.
    5- Respect for Israel is beyond its advanced technology. Human rights, freedom and democracy are among those Israeli values which even Middle Eastern commoners appreciate.

    • joopklepzeiker Says:

      What a load of bull crap !
      This has clearly the level of taqiya and or kitman.
      Iranian Moslime ?

    • Shaku Says:

      I would like to believe what u wrote. Pls do u have any proof?

      • davidking1530 Says:

        Sorry Shaku, I have no proof. And Mossad being Mossad means that most likely, there will be no proof to be found. I only know what I have read and posted above.

        • davidking1530 Says:

          Oops, when I was looking at this on my phone it wasn’t clear that your comment, Shaku, was a reply to my post (which I assumed it was) or a reply to the comment by Bijan (which it appears to be). Apologies for that!

    • davidking1530 Says:

      I would like to believe what you say is true.

      And I hope for the day it becomes true.

      But I don’t believe it is true right now.

      Let’s play multiple choice!

      A man from Israel is wearing a kippa and a t-shirt with “I LOVE ISRAEL” written on it, and with the Israeli flag on it as well. He is walking along the main streets of a town in Egypt, Yemen, Libya, Iraq, Lebanon, Gaza, Judea/Samaria etc.

      What is the reaction of the residents?

      a) They flock to him and give him their adoration, shake his hand, give him compliments, take selfies with him and post them to Instagram saying how happy they are to have met a proud Israeli jew in person.

      b) They sneer, yell, abuse, spit at, insult, threaten, hit, severely bash or lynch him.

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