A month of hypocrisy and moral decadence

Source: A month of hypocrisy and moral decadence – Israel Hayom

Isi Leiber

Never have we witnessed such decadent political behavior as what has transpired these past weeks.

Paradoxically, this occurred in the wake of a series of incredible achievements.

The Trump administration has moved the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, abrogated the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran, and demanded that Iran pull out of Syria, desist from terrorism, and cease calling for Israel’s destruction.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu maintains friendly relations with Russian President Vladimir Putin, who also called on Iran to withdraw from Syria.

Last month, Israel virtually destroyed Iran’s infrastructure in Syria. This was followed by the dramatic disclosure that the Mossad purloined half a ton of Iranian documents which prove that Iran was lying when it claimed to have no intention of developing nuclear weapons.

Meanwhile, after the Hamas efforts to undermine Israel with rockets and tunnels were thwarted, it used the opening of the U.S. Embassy and 70 years of the Nakba as the pretext to launch a new anti-Israel campaign, enlisting thousands of Gazans to storm the borders and actualize their claimed “right of return.”

Participants were provided maps of nearby Jewish towns and encouraged to attack, take hostage, and kill as many Jews as possible. They descended en masse to the borders hurling rocks and Molotov cocktails, and were equipped with pipe bombs, grenades, machetes and guns as well as lobbing burning kites to destroy Israeli fields.

The Israeli government responded as would any nation whose borders were attacked by swarms of terrorists. While doing their utmost to avoid needless casualties, soldiers had no choice but to resort to live fire when terrorists tore down the barriers and penetrated Israel.

Hamas operatives were dressed as civilians. Their families were also bused in and promised payment for their services and larger sums if they are injured. Maps were distributed displaying locations of border-adjacent Israeli homes, schools and daycare centers.

Youngsters were pushed to the forefront, forced to be human shields. During two months of attacks on the border, over 100 people were killed, most of them Hamas activists, and thousands allegedly wounded.

Despite clear evidence of violent attacks to break through the borders, the liberal media carried screaming headlines describing bloodthirsty Israelis killing peaceful protestors.

Political leaders joined in the hysteria, accusing Israel of responding disproportionately. Some, like Turkish President Recep Erdogan, accused Israel of treating the Palestinians worse than the Nazis treated the Jews.

The U.S. stood by Israel’s right to defend itself, vetoing a U.N. Security Council call for a commission of inquiry. In the Human Rights Council, a resolution was passed calling for a commission of inquiry into Israel’s actions without even referring to the Hamas provocation.

Fourteen countries stooped to the depths of depravity when they stood aside and abstained. Included among these were purported friends of Israel like Germany and Britain. Their passivity when Israel is condemned for defending itself against terrorists is nothing short of moral turpitude. Shame on them!

Setting aside this despicable behavior, what is truly macabre is that fringe Jewish groups in the U.S. and U.K. have been publicly demonstrating in favor of Hamas, even holding surreal recitations of the mourner’s kaddish for killed terrorists. This is the equivalent of reciting kaddish for dead SS soldiers who shared Hamas’ genocidal objectives – truly a desecration of God’s name.

Many other Jews are also expressing grief at terrorists’ deaths. Yet they do not express any indignation that our adversaries are providing human sacrifices by positioning women and children in the line of fire for public relations purposes.

Rabbinical sermons have referred to the bulk of those killed as innocents, even though Hamas leaders themselves claim that 85% of them were their operatives. On May 14, at its graduation and ordination ceremony, the Reform movement’s Hebrew Union College shamelessly chose as its guest speaker the anti-Zionist author Michael Chabon.

Anti-Defamation League head Jonathan Greenblatt wrote that “it is a horrific tragedy that so many people have been killed and wounded at the Gaza border.” Would Greenblatt have said this about the masses of Nazis and German civilians killed during World War ll?

There is a serious sickness among Jews when so many display more concern about the death of enemies than anxiety for their own kinsmen.

No country would fail to take such steps to protect its territorial integrity and the life and limb of its citizens. And no army facing such attacks would act with greater restraint than the IDF.

Nevertheless, the world is stubbornly clinging to the malicious lies promoted by Hamas, a terrorist organization that does not even try to hide its goal of murdering Israelis.

Hamas co-founder Mahmoud al-Zahar explicitly told Al Jazeera TV, “When we talk about ‘peaceful resistance’ we are deceiving the public.” And in the midst of the campaign, Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar told his people, “We will tear down the border and we will tear out their hearts from their bodies … and eat the livers of Israelis.”

Peaceful demonstrations?!

Isi Leibler’s website can be viewed at http://www.wordfromjerusalem.com. Email: ileibler@leibler.com.

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