Netanyahu Orders Security Cabinet Meetings to be Held in Secret Underground Jerusalem Bunker

A security council meeting in the Kirya. Feb. 10, 2018

Photo Credit: Ariel Hermony/Ministry of Defense

Until further notice, PM Benjamin Netanyahu has ordered that all security cabinet meetings will be held in the secret, underground, secure bunker that hosts the National Crisis Management Center, hidden somewhere in the Jerusalem area, according to a report by Israel’s Channel 10 Barak Ravid.

Two security cabinet meetings have already been held in the secret bunker, instead of the Prime Minister’s office. The next four security cabinet meetings are already scheduled to be held in the bunker.

Cabinet Ministers told Barak Ravid that the reason is to stop the leaks coming out of the meetings, in particular regarding discussions on Syria and Iran.

Only a limited group of people are authorized to enter the underground bunker. There’s also no cellphone service in the area of the bunker.

As an aside, the new Jerusalem train station also has a bunker 80 meters underground that can withstand a nuclear attack. It can hold up to 4000 people.

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