Aussie ex-Prime Minister Tony Abbot says move embassy to Jerusalem

Tony Abbot is a great guy, a true conservative and tough as nails. Did boxing at Uni, rides his bike for a zillion miles before breakfast and has done surf lifesaving.  He is also a volunteer bush fire fighter, and was even working putting out fires with other volunteers when he was Prime Minister. Top bloke.

And he is a strong supporter of Israel.

Blogger Andrew Bolt is also a top guy, high profile here in Australia and is also a strong supporter of Israel, and aware of the dangers of islam.

Abbot: Move our embassy to Jerusalem

Tony Abbott is right: Australia should indeed consider moving its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. In fact, we should do it. It recognises a reality and says the terrorists cannot scare us into shunning either the truth or Israel.

Tony Abbott

The US embassy is now in West Jerusalem, which has been Israel’s capital for nearly 70 years. Australia should consider following Trump’s move.

10:19 AM – May 15, 2018

But Malcolm Turnbull [current Prime Minister – Ed.] immediately rejects it, claiming it’s “more conducive to the peace process” not to.

But what “peace process”?

Staying in Tel Aviv just emboldens the hardliner rejectionists.


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