Paris knifeman kills one in suspected terror attack

Source: Paris knifeman kills one in suspected terror attack | The Times of Israel

French police shoot dead assailant; IS claims responsibility; Macron: ”France once again pays the price of blood’

Police officers cordon off the area after a knife attack in central Paris, Saturday May 12, 2018. (AP/Thibault Camus)

Police officers cordon off the area after a knife attack in central Paris, Saturday May 12, 2018. (AP/Thibault Camus)

PARIS, France — A knifeman shouting “Allahu akbar” killed one person and injured several more before being shot dead by police in central Paris late Saturday.

Police said the attacker’s motives were still unknown and prosecutors launched a terror probe. The Islamic State terror group claimed responsibility for the attack, according to the SITE monitoring group.

“The executor of the stabbing operation in the city of Paris is a soldier of the Islamic State and the operation was carried out in response to the calls to target the coalition states,” a “security source” told IS’s official Amaq news agency, according to SITE.

The attack took place near the city’s main opera house in an area full of bars, restaurants and theatres which were brimming on a weekend night.

French President Emmanuel Macron said: “France once again pays the price of blood.”

Firefighters vehicles block Saint Augustin street in Paris centre after two people were killed and several injured in a knife attack in Paris on May 12, 2018. (AFP PHOTO / Thomas SAMSON)

The man attacked five people with a knife, one of whom died, police said. Two were in serious condition and all the victims were hospitalized.

A police source told AFP one officer tried to restrain the attacker with a taser but when that failed a colleague shot the man dead.

Interior Minister Gerard Collomb hailed in a tweet the “sang-froid and reaction of the police who neutralized the attacker.”

Prime Minister Edouard Philippe, who visited police in the district where the attack took place, added: “France is determined not to give in to threats that the attackers hope will grind her (the country) down.”

Scenes of panic

The attack took place on Rue Monsigny in the 2nd arrondissement, an area that lies between the main opera house and the Louvre museum, two major tourist attractions. A large area was cordoned off where police, fire and rescue vehicles converged.

Shocked tourists and residents looked on from behind the security perimeter.

“I was on the cafe terrace, I heard three, four shots, it happened very fast,” said 47-year-old Gloria.

“The bartenders told us to come inside very quickly. Then I went out to see what was going on, and then I saw a man on the ground,” she added.

Another witness, who gave her first name Maxine, said panic spread as word got out that an attack was taking place.

“We saw someone coming out of a building who said he saw the assailant slaughter someone, so people took refuge in the bar,” she said.

France has suffered a series of major Islamist attacks including the massacre at the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo, the November 2015 attacks that killed 130 in Paris, and the 2016 Bastille Day truck attack in Nice that killed more than 80.

There have also been a string of less deadly but frequent attacks by lone wolf jihadists wielding knives or guns. Most of the attacks have either been claimed by the Islamic State group or been carried out in their name.

A state of emergency put in place just after the 2015 Paris attacks was lifted in October when Macron’s centrist government passed a new law boosting the powers of security forces.

French far-right leader Marine Le Pen called for greater security measures after Saturday’s attack.

“The French people will no longer be content with talk, they expect action,” she said.

Thousands of French troops remain on the streets under an anti-terror operation known as Sentinelle, patroling transport hubs, tourist hotspots and other sensitive sites.

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One Comment on “Paris knifeman kills one in suspected terror attack”

  1. wingate Says:

    President Macron is right :

    Again France is paying the blood Price!

    But he doesnt say what for…:
    Its the price for going to bed with terrorists and terror-states ! So – dont cry , Mr Macron, but blame yourself !
    Its you personally who desperately wants to keep the Iranian deal – a deal which allows the uranian – medieval nazi mullahs to threaten Israel with extinction !
    So France gets exactly what the God of Israel says : “I will curse those who curse Israel !”
    Either France/Mr Macron stops supporting terror against Israel or France will get much more terror at home !
    Faites vos jeux, messieurs – mais faites les
    que vous perdez pas la France !

    “HE who watches over Israel doesnt sleep nor slumber!”

    Therefore those who fight Israel they fight in vain….

    Am Israel chai!

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