A man of his word

Source: A man of his word – Israel Hayom

( His personal behavior { Stormy et al } is truly sickening.  At the same time he may well be the best policy President of my 64 years.  Can you imagine where we’d be if Clinton had won? – JW )

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3 Comments on “A man of his word”

  1. Hadenoughalready Says:

    You can like him or you can despise him; it doesn’t matter. When you’ve run off the road, like we have, and it’s 2 AM in the morning, you don’t care who pulls you out. You THANK THEM.

  2. joopklepzeiker Says:

    I look at the results !@

    I could care less if he walks on hands and feet bare naked at the
    moment .
    Mark my words , AT THE MOMENT ., we have still a couple of days to go .
    But i have HIGH hopes .

  3. wingate Says:

    US – citizens have no problem with a gay man in the WH / married to a tranny …
    That he is muslim also doesnt bother them…
    That there seems to be quite a body count to conceal his history is as well bothering nobody in the USA…
    US citizens work hard to earn the money which allows the traitor BHO to live a luxury live on US taxpayers money…
    US citizens dont care that BHO & his ratpack are working hard to reach their goal of killing the USA…(Ketchup- Kelly, Mueller etc.)
    Who cares…lets watch TV and munch pop corn..

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