Meet our new Editor – David King

G’day everyone, my name is David King. So who am I? I live in Melbourne, Australia and work as an economist for the government. I have a gym at home and like doing weightlifting, and listening to music (various kinds of metal, heavy dark stuff) while working out. I also used to do boxing for a short while, and might get back into it. I like to follow the Wallabies, the Australian national rugby team. And I am a huge fan of the UFC and love nothing more than to watch a good ol’ drag down and drawn out cage fight… The attached photo shows me standing next to a life sized poster of Ronda Rousey in my gym at home!

For hobbies, I enjoy wargaming with miniatures and boardgaming. I also still collect a few comics. I like watching military themed documentaries, such as about historical wars, military technology and so on. I quite like reading about the exploits of the Mossad and the Israeli special forces. Oh, and I own just about all of the IDF and Mossad t shirts and wear them as often as I can, I especially like the ones featuring female IDF soldiers.

I came across Joseph’s blog many years ago, as I was very interested in following the developments regarding a potential attack on Iran by Israel, and how all those careless Iranian scientists kept on having “accidents” and getting themselves blown up… I have followed his blog ever since, and while I haven’t been a frequent contributor to comments, I have been a close follower of the material posted.

I am passionate about the care for animals and own a lovely cat. At my house I also feed birds in the morning and possums in the evening. I also feed another cat which drops by in the evening and has made friends with my cat.

And I am also a passionate supporter of Israel and Judaism. On the other hand, I am also a strong believer in the dangers presented by islam. I don’t believe this nonsense about “a minority of people misunderstanding the peaceful teachings of islam.”

I am not religious myself. I consider myself to be agnostic. However I do find the teachings of Judaism to be useful, and I find the wordly example set by Jews and Israel to be worthy of admiration. The proof is there for all to see of the merits of each religion: Jews are life affirming and earning Nobel Prizes, muslims are life destroying and purveyors of wretchedness.

I hope in my own small way to further the cause of the just, and am fully prepared to stand shoulder to shoulder in the shield wall of the righteous, defending Israel against the forces of destruction.

I am proud to be given the chance to help further the admirable work Joseph has begun, and thank him for the opportunity.



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10 Comments on “Meet our new Editor – David King”

  1. Hey Mate glad to know you and anyone that’s friends with Joseph is a damn good friend of mine. Time is long overdue for the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist designation and your absolutely correct Jews edifying lives conversely Islamist destroy lives yes we can

  2. wingate Says:

    Bless you David – blessed is the man who stands with Gods firstborn : Israel !

    “HE who watches over Israel does not sleep nor slumbers !”

    Am Israel chai !

  3. joopklepzeiker Says:

    Welcome David .

  4. Bienvenu, David ! Looking forward to working with you. I’ve always admired you Aussies. Y’all seem to be adventurous and freedom-loving as much as us Yanks, maybe more so. Happy hunting on the internet.

    • davidking1530 Says:

      Thanks Steve, looking forward to working with you too.

      Yep, despite the historical English/European connection to Australia, we do seem to be more like yourselves in good ol’ US of A.

  5. Welcome David… I am an ex South African / Cape Town, a beautiful city. Made aliya to Israel in 1975 with one daughter of one year 10 months. I have never looked back. I know I made the right decision. Life is full and wonderful in Israel. At least for me. I write a lot on FB and Twitter against the many haters and simply legitimise what they deligitimise.

    • davidking1530 Says:

      Thanks for the welcome Joy. Good to hear you are making a fight against the haters out there!

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