War Worries – Iran V Israel – YouTube


My view of current Israeli public opinion.  – JW



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2 Comments on “War Worries – Iran V Israel – YouTube”

  1. If Iran goes to war, her people will be put on the line. If Israel goes to war, her people will toe the line. Big difference. Stay safe Israel. Stay safe JW.

  2. IraB Says:

    I am predicting war soon.

    Based on past observation, each time Iran is in trouble, they play the proxy war vs. Israel card.

    Each time there is a newly emerged conflict, the massive street demonstrations erupt, “spontaneously”, in the USA Europe, and ANYWHERE there are large numbers of Muslims.

    I have it on good authority that there will be a huge, loud, incitement filled street demo in the San Francisco downtown shopping district on May 15.

    By then, I believe, the war will have been started.

    All the white stooge Jew hater liberals will be there, screaming for Jewish blood to be spilled…lots of it.

    This is the way they roll. They are very well organized every time. City permit to have large outdoor assembly, sound amplification equipment, skilled speakers….

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