France: Soon with No Jews?

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4 Comments on “France: Soon with No Jews?”

  1. wingate Says:

    France – soon without French ?
    The day could come when due to France’s suicidal politics – the only ones who stay in France are muslims…
    The muslims say it again and again : First we go after the Jews, second the christians.
    I dont worry for the Jews – their God will crush all of their enemies – but europe ? Is there a god whos gonna crush their enemies…?
    Nope – sorry, all you coward / jew hating / money loving / atheistic europeans are about to go down the drain…
    Look at you, europe – you just messed it up for too long…

  2. wingate Says:

    There we go :
    “Refugees welcome ” – says the german gov and takes in thousands of muslims who want to islamize europe by terror…
    Today – one of those peaceloving muslim refugees killed a bunch of people with his truck…
    Europeans really are suicidal morons…complete morons….

    • wingate Says:

      But basically – a continent which slaughtered the Jews by the millions – what else does it deserve than be taken be the medieval islam ?
      I call it justice – late justice

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