Hamas fires rockets into Israel, UN demands Israel pay for damage in Gaza

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Hamas is launching rockets into Israel, Israelis are running to shelters, and the UN is hounding Israel to pay for damage in Gaza that came about because Hamas deliberately launched attacks against Israel from civilian areas.

There is NO end to the UN’s anti-Semitic bias. Why is Israel still part of the UN at all?

Yet just days ago, CNN “journalist” Andrew Kaczynski was hitting John Bolton for agreeing with me that the UN was anti-Semitic. This is what passes for “journalism” today.

“Israel needs to pay for damage to Gaza facilities, UN says,” by Tovah Lazaroff and Herb Keinon, Jerusalem Post, March 27, 2018:

United Nations has demanded that Israel pay compensation for damage done to seven of its Gaza facilities by the IDF during the 2014 war between Israel and Hamas.

“On 22 March, the UN submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel a claim for reimbursement for the losses that the UN had sustained in seven incidents in 2014,” UN spokesman Farhan Haq told The Jerusalem Post in response to an email query.

The UN “also submitted a claim for the losses sustained by the dependents of one of its staff members who was killed in one of the incidents,” Haq said.

A UN board of inquiry looked “into the matter found that the seven incidents in which UN premises were hit were all attributable to the IDF,” he said, adding that the board had finished its work in February 2015.

Israel’s Mission to the UN in New York said it had received a demand for $528,725 for the facilities and $64,449 for the death.

The question of compensation had been a bone of contention between Israel and the UN when the board of inquiry examined the incidents, particularly because Israel has claimed that Hamas hid weapons in weapons in UN facilities and attacked its force from or near those facilities.

The facilities had also served as emergency shelters for Palestinians in Gaza during the war and as such, were supposed to be immune from IDF shelling.

Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon said it was “unacceptable” that the organization should make demands for compensation from Israel, and not from Hamas.

“Everyone knows our intention was to protect our citizens, and not harm anyone else, while Hamas uses UN facilities to hide behind,” Danon told the post, noting the terrorist tunnels built underneath UN schools.

“The blame should go on Hamas,” he said.

“Israelis Run to Bomb Shelters as Iron Dome Rockets Launched Around Gaza,” by Avi Abelow, Israel Unwired, March 26, 2018 (thanks to David):

Last night Israelis on the Gaza border were surprised to hear air raid sirens go off, warning them to run to their bomb shelters. Israel then launched Iron Dome rockets to shoot down the projectiles and protect Israeli citizens.

Thankfully no rockets were fired into Israel and nobody was injured.

Israeli citizens from various Southern communities recorded the rockets being launched, before running to their shelters.

What Happened?

It ends up that Hamas did not shoot a barrage of rockets at Israel. Rather, Hamas was conducting a live-fire drill, which mostly consisted of machine gun fire as well as rocket fire.

The IDF also responded to the Hamas drill with tank shells fired on Hamas posts in Northern Gaza….

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