New Iranian weaponized drone deployed in Syria and likely handed to Hizballah

Debka File February 7, 2018

Source: New Iranian weaponized drone deployed in Syria and likely handed to Hizballah

{With a range of 900km, I’d say Israel was well within striking distance. Putting them into the hands of Hizballah just adds to Iran’s deniability, something they’ve done time and time again. – LS}

Iranian Defense Minister Brig. Gen. Amir Hatami said in a speech celebrating the new mass-produced weaponry Monday that the new drones, dubbed the Mohajer 6 (Migrant) are “equipped with smart Qa’em precision-striking bombs and different electro-optical explorers and different warheads, [and] can trace, intercept and destroy the target.” Before the ceremony, the new drones were delivered last week to the Revolutionary Guards for their war efforts across the Middle East, especially in Syria, where Iranian-backed forces have attacked US troops. DEBKAfile adds: The new weapons, which have a range of more than 900km, have reached Syria and most likely Hizballah as well. Their main purpose is to arm Iranian and Hizballah forces in Syria with their own air force capability and so reduce their total dependence on the Russians for air support. Iran recently gave the pro-Iranian Shiite militias fighting ISIS in Iraq a fleet of Shahed 285 light fighter jets, to boost the autonomy in battle of the forces deployed by the Revolutionary Guards.

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