No monopoly on morality 

Source: No monopoly on morality – Israel Hayom

( This could have easily been written about the US as Israel. –  JW )

Dror Eydar

1. What remains of the Left’s detailed pile of ideology that has collapsed over the last 25 years in the face of a reality that did not obey the genius engineers of the Oslo Accords? What is left of the descendants of the people who captained the Zionist ship for decades, and are now taking comfort in a scrap of gossip, going over it again and again, as if it were a fateful philosophical question rather than another low blow by a suicidal media? What remains of the legacy of the pioneers of Zionism whose descendants are now battling the return to Zion and cooperating with foreigners against their own brothers, convinced that it’s a moral issue? This isn’t morality, it’s corruption.

2. For 20 years, they’ve been sucking out Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s blood. For 20 years, most of the people haven’t obeyed and have voted for the Right over and over. For 20 years, they have attacked the prime minister’s performance through hateful references, like the disgraceful recording of Sara Netanyahu released earlier this week. For 20 years, they’ve been tsk-tsking his family, his wife, and his children – they left no stone unturned in their attempts to blacken him and his life and cause him to give up and run and the public to regret electing him, all while trying to convince us that it stems from “concern for the country.” Of course.

A significant part of the media operates as a strategic failure, the stubborn outpost of a small, thinning group that sees the historic changing of the guard in the Zionist enterprise – new groups they and their forebears excluded for years and for three generations – and their eyes glaze over. Their driving force is tribal hatred and childish anger because their doll was taken away. They are stamping their feet to get it back. Even worse, in light (or in darkness) of how they smear Israel’s image at home and in the world, the insults, the curses, the contempt, and the gossip, it seems that the terrible Samson’s choice has been made – they say, if we can’t lead the country like we used to, if we lose our grip on the centers of power we were used to controlling, if Israeli society doesn’t follow the values we dictated – then we will “die with the Philistines” and the country can go up in smoke.

3. In this dangerous mood, everything is a weapon. They can lie to the world, slander IDF soldiers, cast Israeli society and its laws as a proto-fascist state and, even worse, entrap media outlets and the public discourse into pure hatred made up of recordings, as if the tongue-clicking bunch never got angry and never exploded in rage. You can be certain that more recordings are on the way to glorify Israeli journalism.

It wasn’t by chance that the same day that journalist Igal Sarna – the darling of the outraged whose slide down the slopes of hatred toward psychotic delusions should be a lesson to his social circle – lost in court for the second time over his lies about Sara Netanyahu, tapes from nine years ago were made public.

We aren’t stupid. It’s no coincidence that after Benjamin Netanyahu’s stellar two weeks in the international arena – in which he achieved things no other Israeli prime minister ever did, putting Israel at the forefront of the international stage – the council of media ayatollahs sits in the studio of the “Ulpan Shishi” (“Friday Studio”) program and rather than covering the unprecedented historic changes in our international status, the media’s grand mufti announced that Netanyahu is about to be questioned. We aren’t stupid.

4. This group has never accepted that the Right is in power. It is forced to play the democratic game it holds in contempt, but the moment it returns to power – God help us. Aldous Huxley’s and George Orwell’s books will serve as guides to that dystopia. In nearly every place where there are no elected and they still hold by virtue of having been there first – academia, the courts, the media, cultural institutions, etc. – they fight like lions not to let any other opinions gain traction. It’s well known that they adopted a totalitarian tradition. And the more they treat the people with contempt, the more the people hand them back a heaping portion of their own contempt.

From the earliest days of our existence, there was a group among us that demanded leadership because “they deserved it,” and looked down on the choice of the people. Last Saturday, we read in the weekly Torah portion about a people that left Egypt and immediately after they were saved from slavery began to bleed their leader, because “it would have been better for us to serve the Egyptians than to die in the wilderness” (Exodus 14:12). It is fundamental to recognize what is good, and anyone who looks in the mirror and only sees himself, anyone who looks at south Tel Aviv and only sees the foreigners there in need of aid and not the long-time residents (“crazy” or “approaching Nazism,” as per statements by two self-styled professors) – is “more need they the divine than the physician,” as Shakespeare wrote in Macbeth, or as we put it: They need a psychiatrist.

5. Because know this: This gang does not have a monopoly on morality, even though its members, every day, use their keyboards or their mouths to compare this wonderful people to the worst enemies we ever had. We can doubt their capacity for moral judgment when they are willing to risk the lives of the people in Zion with their nonsense about a Palestinian terrorist state on the hills of Judea and the mountains of Samaria, spitting distance from our own population, even though reality has repeatedly given them a smack in the face.

The great teacher Rabbi Akiva taught us to “love thy neighbor as thyself – this is the great rule of the Torah.” They like to quote that. But the great teacher also taught that if someone is threatening our lives, we have a moral obligation to put ourselves first.

Because how can anyone who doesn’t love themselves, who doesn’t love their people, truly love others? Reading the insulting articles and watching the nonsensical broadcasts creates the impression that the love for the illegal infiltrators stems more from hatred for the people who just want to watch out for their brothers and sisters in south Tel Aviv.

So go on with the recordings and the slander and the pestering public discourse about nothing. These are signs that show that you’re better off under a right-wing government. That’s why you hate Netanyahu. It strengthens the opposition, which is what you loathe. The public looks at you and knows exactly whom to vote for.

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