Israel’s UN Amb: Iran Building the ‘Largest Military Base in the World’ in Syria

01-26-2018 Chris Mitchell CBN News

Source: Israel’s UN Amb: Iran Building the ‘Largest Military Base in the World’ in Syria

{Ominous words for sure. – LS}

Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations Danny Danon took the unusual step of releasing classified information during his address Thursday to the Security Council. He said it was “… vital for the world to understand that if we turn a blind eye in Syria, the Iranian threat will only grow.”

Danon announced Iran now has more than 80,000 troops under its control inside Syria and accused the Islamic Republic of turning Syria into the “largest military base in the world.”

He listed the following numbers of fighters under Iran’s control inside Syria:

. 3,000 members of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard

. 9,000 members of Hezbollah

. 10,000 members of Shiite militias recruited from across the Middle East

. 60,000 local Syrian fighters

Danon also revealed Iran is building missile bases inside Syria.

Israel has consistently warned that Iran is building a land bridge from Iran to the Mediterranean Sea that threatens not only Israel but the entire Middle East. Danon stated, “The Shiite crescent has reached our [Israel’s] doorstep … the Shiite crescent is alive and well, do not let Iran turn it into a Shiite horizon.”

He said Iran has three goals: Destroy Israel; destabilize the region, and threaten the entire world.

Danon chided that European nations are doing billions of dollars in trade with the Islamic regime.

“The money the regime earns from your economic deals will be spent on ballistic missile testing, nuclear development and promoting worldwide terror … while you are making a profit; Iran is building an empire,” he said, adding, “Iran starts with Israel; it is you who are next.”

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One Comment on “Israel’s UN Amb: Iran Building the ‘Largest Military Base in the World’ in Syria”

  1. wingate Says:

    Stalin said :” Only the dumbest / most stupid cattle feeds its own butchers”.

    Look at the west /especially europe of today :

    Their behaviour is suicidal / crazy –
    they feed terror states like Iran / terror organisations like Hamas or PLO and in the meantime they are disarming / taking down their own armies and fighting the only democracy in the ME / Israel, for the reason of being jewish….

    What can you say ? The europeans so much love money / so much hate the jews that they go to bed with their own butchers ( e.g. Iran ) who will subsequently butcher them….

    Europeans are fools for sure and they have NO FUTURE – as sure as day follows night….

    But : ” HE who watches over Israel, HE never slumbers nor sleeps !”

    Am Israel Chai !

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