WATCH: Did Obama let Hezbollah terrorists off the hook to seal Iran deal?

Dec 19, 2017

Americans and Israelis are furious upon hearing that Obama may have thwarted a counterterrorism probe into Hezbollah in order to secure what Netanyahu repeatedly called “a very, very bad deal.”

This isn’t the first allegation saying the Obama administration was placating the Iranians, but it is the first time that dozens of former federal intelligence analysts say an order to stop the investigation against Hezbollah was politically motivated, a former State Department officer tells Fox News.

Israeli PM Netanyahu pleaded with US-led global powers not to make the “very, very bad deal.” Israelis are furious upon hearing about the previous US administration’s alleged cover-up of Hezbollah terror activities, particularly their trafficking of illegal drugs, in order to secure the agreement – at the expense of the Jewish state and the civilized world.

Americans are also enraged. Congressman Robert Pittenger expressed shock over the fact that while US soldiers were bravely fighting ISIS, with some paying the ultimate price, Obama reportedly protected Hezbollah terrorists.

Watch this Fox News video to get the full picture.


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5 Comments on “WATCH: Did Obama let Hezbollah terrorists off the hook to seal Iran deal?”

  1. Like my old Sicilian grandfather used to say, ‘When the fish stinks, it stinks at the head’. This fits Obama [spit] perfectly.

  2. Hadenoughalready Says:

    Let’s not forget “Fast n Furious”, ok. He’s been all about the downfall of America since he got into office and he placed all his minions into high places to secure his mission – destroy America as it’s known.
    He should, in my view, be arrested for sedition and treason.

  3. wingate Says:

    Do we need more facts about BHO’s treason ?
    I dont think so. What is needed now are brave men and women who
    take BHO and his gang to justice and jail for high treason !

    Jewish saying : There is nothing good in the world until its DONE !

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