Kuwaiti writer’s remarks about the state of Israel shocks and infuriates the Muslim world


Abdullah Al-Hadlaq on Alrai TV says: “Israel is a legitimate state, not an occupier.”

IsraelVideoUpdates (h/t Mike F) There is no occupation,” he added. “just a people returning to its promised land.” “There has never been a Palestinian state.” Quranic Verse 5:21 proves that the Israelites have the right to the Holy Land.
(DING DING DING…but here’s the rub): Al-Hadlaq adds, “Why shouldn’t we live in a peaceful existence with Israel and cooperate with it against our greatest enemy – the Iranian regime?

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One Comment on “Kuwaiti writer’s remarks about the state of Israel shocks and infuriates the Muslim world”

  1. Hadenoughalready Says:

    The critical mistake most people make is to assume that all “Arabs” are Muslims; they’re not. Like not all Americans are Christians, neither are all Arabs; sons of the tribe of Ishmael.

    Muslims, followers of the hideous religion of Islam are of diverse nationalities. They are not a “race” and neither are they of singular nationality, certainly not exclusive or inclusive of or to Arabs.

    Islam is a cult, a perversion of the Old and New Testaments to deceive the pious masses, twisted by a madman, a murdering thief, and a pedophile.

    It is a convenient cult under the guise of a “religion” that allows for evil to reign, even flourish, while mimicing the very madman who concocted it.

    The sooner folks comprehend this, the sooner we can be rid of them

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