Trump Tells Abbas & Abdullah: The US Embassy is Moving to Jerusalem

Trump Tells Abbas & Abdullah: The US Embassy is Moving to Jerusalem, The Jewish Press, December 5, 2017

(Please see also Report: US Quietly Taking Major Steps Toward Moving Israeli Embassy. As to the timing, it may take time to get the new embassy ready.– DM)

Mazal Tov to President Trump from a Jerusalem, Israel builder

On Monday night, President Trump did not sign the waiver for the Jerusalem Embassy Act, which he is required to sign every 6 months if he wants to delay the move.


President Donald J. Trump spoke with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and the King of Jordan Abdullah II on Tuesday and informed them that he intends to move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Both the PA and the Kingdom of Jordan released statements stating that this is what Trump told them.

No indication was given for a timeline as to when this will happen.

The Palestinian Authority had already called for three days of rage starting on Wednesday, before they received the phone call.

There is some expectations that on Wednesday, Trump may also officially recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

On Monday night, President Trump did not sign the waiver for the Jerusalem Embassy Act, which he is required to sign every 6 months if he wants to delay the move.

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3 Comments on “Trump Tells Abbas & Abdullah: The US Embassy is Moving to Jerusalem”


    It is waaaaay past time for this move. Mid-east diplomacy has been in full hibernation, for years, due to Murder-stinian intransigence, in other words, the full refusal of the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians to enter into ANY sort of compromise that would benefit BOTH parties to the conflict.
    Instead, Fake-a-stinian leaders have willfully maintained a sickening situation in which they murder, proclaim their innocence, refuse to enter into compromise, and feather their Swiss bank account nests with BILLIONS of foreign aid dollars, provided by multiple donor nations, supposedly for the purpose of building the infrastructure for a viable state.
    It is waaaaay past time to decisively make something happen. The Klepto-stinians are screamng that there will be violence, in response? There has been NOTHING BUT VIOLENCE, for the last 100 years of dealing with these savage people.
    GO AHEAD!! RIOT, YOU ROTTEN FILTHY BASTARDS!!! The Israeli security forces know how to manage rabid dogs who run wild!

  2. You’re right DM. It will take time. Trump likes to gets things moving early on so detailed issues get out to the people while the players get exposed for what they truly want. But, I believe DJT’s first term priorities are the American people, i.e. health care, tax reform, trade reform, North Korea and ISIS threats to the homeland, judicial appointments, border wall, and immigration.

    This seems to me a second term deal in the making, much like the problem with Iran. But that’s just my opinion. I could be entirely wrong. Besides, events outside DJT’s control could change his priorities rather quickly.

  3. wingate Says:

    This matter is of course important to Israel for obvious reasons.

    But for the nations like USA, EU etc. its much more important, even critical :

    The one and only living God – the God of Israel says : ” Those who want to divide Israel ( Jerusalem ), I will cut them in pieces ! ”

    So, if the nations care about their future, better keep of your hands from Israel and its capital Jerusalem.

    If your nation is ready to be cut in pieces – go on trying to divide Israel / Jerusalem….

    U think this is a fairy tale? Make sure you dont err…

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