Syria: Another Israeli air strike near Damascus

Foreign media report that Monday night, Dec. 4, Israeli aircraft attacked a “scientific research center” in Jamraya on the outskirts of Damascus. Lebanese sources say Israel fired six missiles, three of which were intercepted by Syria’s air defense system. 

This would be the second Israeli air raid in three days of a military target in the Damascus area. Last Saturday, Israeli aircraft attacked a secret conference of pro-Iranian Shiite militia chiefs outside Al-Kiswah, 14km southwest of Damascus and 50km from Israel’s Golan border.  Some Iranian and Hizballah officers were killed in that attack as well. Hizballah’s Al Mayadeen network reports that Israel attacked the same “scientific research center” four years ago in May 2013. Witnesses attested to loud explosions and dense smoke rising from this military facility.
Israel’s ambassador to Washington Ron Lauder commented Monday, “The chances of military confrontation are growing.” Speaking in an interview with the local Politico, the ambassador said: “I can’t tell you by the year or by the month. I’d say even by the week. Because the more they push, we have to enforce our red lines… So in taking action to defend ourselves, you don’t know what could happen.” Lauder concluded: “But I think it’s higher than people think.”

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