Turkey warns US of ‘major catastrophe’ if Trump moves embassy

Turkey warns US of ‘major catastrophe’ if Trump moves embassy, Israel National News, David Rosenberg, December 4, 2017

(Please see also, Report: US Quietly Taking Major Steps Toward Moving Israeli Embassy. Contrary to this article, Humor | Turkey pardoned by Trump had multiple contacts with Russian officials, the pardoned critter was the Islamic Turkish Republic of Erdogan. The U.S. Embassy in The Republic of Erdogan is scheduled to be moved within a year to The Peoples’ Republic of California.– DM)

President Erdogan reasserts authority in TurkeyFlash90

The Turkish government has warned the US that it could spark a “major catastrophe” if President Trump follows through on his 2016 campaign promise to relocate the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

The warning was made Monday during a press conference held by Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdag.

During the televised statement, Bozdag warned the US against either relocating its embassy or even recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, claiming that any change in the status quo could cause a “catastrophe”.

“If the status of Jerusalem is changed and another step is taken… that would be a major catastrophe.”

“It would completely destroy the fragile peace process in the region, and lead to new conflicts, new disputes and new unrest.”

Bozdag also claimed that any moves to change the status quo vis-à-vis Jerusalem, including mere recognition of the city as Israel’s capital, would benefit “neither Israel … nor the

“It would not benefit anything. Rather than open new doors, it would drag the region into a new disaster.”

Inside sources have claimed to American and Israeli media outlets over the past two weeks that the president is poised to either relocate the US embassy to Jerusalem in the near future, or at least announce that the US is recognizing Jerusalem as the Israeli capital.

Under the 1995 Jerusalem Embassy Act, the president is obliged to move the embassy to Israel’s capital city, or sign a six-month waiver deferring the move on security grounds. Every president since Bill Clinton has signed the waiver every six months. President Trump signed the waiver once since coming into office, but according to at least some reports, is hesitant to renew the deferral.

The previous waiver expires on Monday, forcing the president to either renew the waiver immediately, or approve the relocation of the US embassy.



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7 Comments on “Turkey warns US of ‘major catastrophe’ if Trump moves embassy”

  1. wingate Says:

    Dont worry Mr Erdogan – the Chance is Close to Zero that President Trump will be able to Keep this promise….
    The muslim BHO aka Barry Soetero aka ? was given 8yrs in the WH by US voters to kill the USA from within….He and his ratpack did a very effectiv Job….
    The USA is done…

    • John Prophet Says:

      WOW, actually you’re correct, the US is done.

      It’s done allowing its sovereignty to be eroded away by those who mean it harm!

  2. Turkey IS a major catastrophe.


    Imagine…..some people advise that the a key component ofUS foreign policy should be that the most powerful nation on earth accept ultimatums, diktats, and general marching orders from 3rd rate dictators.

  4. Hadenoughalready Says:

    Turkey can go and “F” themselves! We can move our bases to Israel and they can go screw a goat.

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