Sweden: Nobody helped woman raped by 20 Muslim migrants — neighbors have “learned not to see or hear too much”

Sweden: Nobody helped woman raped by 20 Muslim migrants — neighbors have “learned not to see or hear too much” Jihad Watch

A rape case so brutal that even Swedish main stream media is reporting about it shows signs of total collapse of moral and culture in Swedish society.

10News Update

“Eeew, you have sperm on your face and on your clothes, don’t involve us,” they said to the woman. She had just endured a gang rape and abuse by up to twenty perpetrators in a stairwell in Fittja, but nobody in the southern Stockholm suburb wanted to help the victim, Metro reports.

More details are now being published about the high profile case in Fittja, which took place in a stairwell in August 2016. The woman was gang-raped and also beaten up by up to twenty perpetrators. The woman was kicked, beaten, threatened with a knife and her head was knocked against the floor until she went unconscious.

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A neighbor who witnessed the brutal attack chose to ignore the it. He later stated to the police that he has “learned not to see or hear too much.” The man has lived for 15 years in Fittja, a Muslim-dominated area.

Seeking help after the rape, the woman rang the doorbell of one apartment to ask for assistance to call the police. But the man who opened the door ignored her appeal and turned the bloody victim soaked in the rapists’ bodily fluids away.

The woman then managed to get to the Fittja city center to seek help but there she was told she was “disgusting.” Nobody wanted to help her. “A guy told her she was disgusting and she had sperm in her hair,” reads the police report. She also tried to get help from a guard at the train station, but also he didn’t care about the woman’s situation.

Instead, the woman was forced to take the subway to central Stockholm in order to seek help. Several men are now charged with the crime. According to the prosecution, they also filmed the rape and laughed during their sexual abuse.

All of the rapists are reported to have “migrant background,” the Swedish media’s expression for Muslim migrants.

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Via 10News.one

Video: CBN reports on women’s declining safety in “feminist” Sweden that took in hundreds of thousands of Muslim migrants the past few years:

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3 Comments on “Sweden: Nobody helped woman raped by 20 Muslim migrants — neighbors have “learned not to see or hear too much””

  1. wingate Says:

    Sweden has chosen to abandon the Jews – so it looks like God has abandoned Sweden…

    But one thing I can say : If this woman were my wife or daughter, these 20 men would probably not be alive today…

    Sweden is really a broken society – police is quitting the job en masses…

    Russia is training nuclear attacks on Sweden…

    “He who curses Israel, the God of Israel will curse him..”

    • joopklepzeiker Says:

      As you know by now i do not pray .
      But i,am more than happy to give you this .
      These times are essential for our future !

      • wingate Says:

        Thank you Joop – wonderful….
        I agree – the times we are living are
        very, very special…
        Amazing events are around the corner is my feeling / so amazing that I feel thrown at Israels God to seek shelter
        And rest in HIM !
        HE keeps me keeping on by HIS grace –
        HE watches over HIS firstborn – Israel !
        I think its time 4 jews to go home ….
        My heart is there already – my body longs to follow….
        Bless you brother – blessed are all those who love the almighty God of Israel and HIS firstborn : Israel !

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