Off Topic | German Shepherd Rejected As Police Dog For Being Too Friendly Is Hired As Greeter

German Shepherd Rejected As Police Dog For Being Too Friendly Is Hired As Greeter, Jonathan Turley’s Blog, Jonathan Turley, November 26, 2017

(With the media full of hatred,  this story made my day much better. I hope it does the same for you. — DM)

Credit: Facebook

Earliest this year, we discussed the fate of Gavel, a German shepherd flunked out of police canine academy in Queensland, Australia, for being too friendly.  For those of us who are ardent dog lovers, Gavel became an instant icon.   He rejection occurred despite his “family bloodline” of top German Shepard police dogs. The problem is that Gavel just wanted to be friends . . . with everyone.  Now Gavel has finally landed a job for which he is uniquely qualified: greeter.

Gavel is the new Vice-Regal Dog working for the Governor of Queensland, where he holds the official title Vice-Regal Dog.  Governor of Queensland Paul de Jersey welcomed the new greeter and says that Gavel will be given full access, including to cabinet meetings, in his new capacity.

Credit: Facebook

 Well done Gavel . . . and governor.

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