More than 150 Killed in Sinai Terror Attack

November 24, 2017

ISIS terrorists in the Sinai (Screenshot)

At least 150 worshipers were killed and over 120 wounded in a combined shooting and bombing attack at a mosque in the Sinai peninsula during Friday prayers.

By: World Israel News Staff and AP

At least 150 people are dead following an explosion Friday that hit a mosque on the al-Rawdah mosque in the town of Bir al-Abd, 40 km (25 miles) from the North Sinai provincial capital of El-Arish, Egyptian state news agency Mena reported.

Four off-road vehicles reportedly bombed the mosque and fired on the worshipers during a sermon at around noontime.

 The well planned attack and included bombs and shooting.

Witnesses watched terrorists enter the mosque in order to kill as many worshipers as possible. The attack occurred during Friday prayers to maximize the numbers of Muslim worshipers.

The terrorists, after initiating the attack on Friday around noon local time, apparently tried to stop emergency services from reaching the mosque.

“They were shooting at people as they left the mosque,” a resident told Reuters. “They were shooting at the ambulances too.”

 No group has claimed responsibility, although it appears to have been perpetrated by the local Islamic State (ISIS) affiliate.

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has declared a state of emergency.

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5 Comments on “More than 150 Killed in Sinai Terror Attack”

  1. joopklepzeiker Says:

    200 dead, scores injured in bomb & gun attack at northern Sinai mosque (GRAPHIC PHOTOS)

    Egyptian state TV has confirmed 200 people have been killed in a coordinated bomb and gun attack in northern Sinai. Some 125 others were injured.

  2. wingate Says:

    How come that the most powerful arab army cannot deal with a bunch of medieval Killers ???????? Whats the Problem ????
    Send your army, air force and Navy over to the Sinai and root those bastards out – its that simple……Again – whats the Problem ?????

  3. joopklepzeiker Says:

    ‘They shot at ambulances’: 235 dead, scores injured in bomb & gun attack at Sinai mosque (GRAPHIC)

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