Right Angle – Trump Derangement Syndrome: Losing Their Minds – 10/18/17

Right Angle – Trump Derangement Syndrome: Losing Their Minds – 10/18/17 via YouTube

(Please see also, Trump’s Constructive Chaos. — DM

The blurb beneath the video states,

Trump Derangement Syndrome seems to infect everyone on the Left who is incapable of coming to terms with the fact that President Trump emerged victorious a year ago. From late night shows to washed up comedians, it appears they are hell bent on making complete fools of themselves. It has even infected academia, where a Harvard Law professor named Lawrence Lessig suggested that Hillary could still be President. How is Trump able to drive these people crazy? Bill, Steve, and Scott explain this phenomenon.

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2 Comments on “Right Angle – Trump Derangement Syndrome: Losing Their Minds – 10/18/17”

  1. wingate Says:

    Its a Coup d’etat taking place/ the Person pulling the strings is BHO (or whatever his Real name is…).
    It started when BHO illegally took the WH 8yrs aho and its gearing up ….
    BHO and his gang is Working day+night to Finish his mission of killing the “Great Satan USA” (the infamous Mrs Jarret even moved into the House of BHO) as
    BHO’s muslim brothers are Calling the USA….
    Now- who organized / who “runs” BHO and
    his Gang?
    Who takes profit of BHO’s Evil mission ?
    What are US Citizens DOING to stop the Coup?
    Or is it too late to start acting – is the USA already Done….?

    • joopklepzeiker Says:

      a Coup d’etat took place in Dallas a long time ago , that was the moment when the shadow govement of the criminal enterprise the USA took over in full force with the cia as private assassin !

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