Iran, Turkey, & Iraq move to “crush” Kurds, Christians

Iran, Turkey, & Iraq move to “crush” Kurds, Christians, Rebel Media via YouTube, October 14, 2017

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3 Comments on “Iran, Turkey, & Iraq move to “crush” Kurds, Christians”

  1. wingate Says:

    Insanity of US foreign Policy:

    US-soldiers died , billions were spent to bring Irak to the Point now whers Irak is an ally of the US Enemy Iran. Now iraqis+iranian Terror State go against the Kurdish nation, a True ally of the US…

    Of course, big Business was Done in iraq by US companies ( arms, blackwater….) and Maybe this was Main reason to go There…

    Maybe US is betraying/forsaking kurds again –
    But US should Keep in mind that One Day US is in Need for allies but nobody will be There…

  2. wingate Says:

    Iranian terror state laughing their heads Off….:

    US payd howitzers of US payd iraqi army
    killing only True ally of US (besides Israel)…

    This Insanity is due to Lack/ absence of Ethics
    In US Policies and will One Day fall on the Head of the USA….

  3. wingate Says:

    If it comes to speak up against islamic Drive to Conquer/ rule the Globe, its brave Women
    Like Mrs Breedon here, Mrs. Haley, Mrs. Geller
    that Say it straight as it is….

    Men tend to compromise, run from Reality,
    trying to Make money under all circumstances,
    Asking what Brings biggest Profit instead of asking what is right…!

    Shame on Many of us men!

    Greatest respect for these brave Women!

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