Active Shooters at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas possibly at Harvest Festiva

Source: Active Shooters at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas possibly at Harvest Festival – Page 183

Re: Active Shooters at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas possibly at Harvest Festival
Here’s where we are on unanswered questions:

I haven’t spent much time diving into the Las Vegas shooting yet, but I’ve compiled a list of unanswered questions and general curiosities that I’ve noticed. I’m not saying there aren’t answers to these – maybe there’s even obvious answers – but I haven’t seen answers so far.

Who was Stephen Paddock? [link to]

1. Two broken windows in two separate but adjacent rooms one two bedroom suite. According to police, rifles were set up in both windows on tripods. It doesn’t give him any advantages, and wastes time. Why would a single shooter switch rooms?
– Source (two windows): [link to]
– Source (tripods): [link to (secure)]
– Source (two bedroom suite): [link to (secure)] (festival site visible around 1:08)
– Source (multiple shooters): [link to (secure)]
– Report of man in neighboring room claiming there were multiple shooters: Thread: Accounts from the guy next door.. multiple shooters and security killed on floor 32.
– Switching guns would be useful to prevent overheating. This might be a concern given the duration of his attack.

2. The “Hispanic” lady seen 45 minutes before the event saying people would die. The shooter’s Asian girlfriend looked somewhat Hispanic. Was it her, or a random on the street?
– Source: [link to (secure)]
– Source: [link to (secure)]
– Source: [link to (secure)]
– Source (picture of Asian girlfriend): [link to]
– The Hispanic lady was about a foot taller than his girlfriend, suggesting it wasn’t her 45 minutes before the attack.

3. He used a fully automatic rifle. He has no military or militia background, so it’s unlikely he converted it himself. How did he get it?
– Source (modified automatic): [link to]
– Source (no military background): [link to]
– He may have used a crank to obtain automatic firing rates: [link to (secure)]
– First image of the automatic rifle: [link to (secure)]
– Some rifles are easy to convert to automatic.

4. The sheer number of injuries and deaths. At the range the shooter was at (400-600 yards), it seems excessive. Could his automatic rifle do that damage at that range? How could he hit so many people at that range without any weapons experience?
– Source: Google Earth (draw a line from the shooter’s location on the northeast corner of the hotel at 3950 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89119 to the near and far edges of the festival location at 3901 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89119)
– Some rifles can do this sort of damage at this range, and it might be easy to hit people in a crowd of 22,000. Source: Thread: Active Shooters at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas possibly at Harvest Festival (Page 141)

5. The notion that he just “snapped.” This was a premeditated event. He arrived at the hotel 4 days in advance then went on a gambling spree. He acquired an illegal automatic rifle (perhaps more than one). He had enough ammo to fire for almost 10 72 minutes straight, and at least 10 weapons. Is this consistent with “snapping”?
– Source: [link to]
– Source (10 minutes of shooting): [link to (secure)]
– Source (72 minutes of shooting): [link to]
– Source (expense and prep): [link to]

6. He booked two rooms under his girlfriend’s name. Why?
– Source: [link to]
– Source (two rooms): [link to]

7. The reports that he converted to Islam a few months ago, coupled with ISIS claiming responsibility. Yet the FBI says ISIS wasn’t involved. Did he convert? Was ISIS involved? What is the FBI’s assessment based on?
– Source: [link to (secure)]
– Source: [link to]
– Source: [link to (secure)]
– Source: [link to (secure)]
– Source: [link to (secure)]
– Source (FBI denial): [link to]
– ISIS doubles down on responsibility: [link to]

8. Reports that he and his girlfriend were seen at ANTIFA events and anti-Trump events. Was he?
– Source: [link to (secure)]
– Source: [link to (secure)]
– Source (Antifa): Thread: A Summary of Unanswered Questions Concerning the Las Vegas Shooting (fully updated and reformatted OP, 10/3) (Page 2)
– Source (Antifa FB post): [link to (secure)]
– Personally, I’m not persuaded that this footage shows Paddock.
– The attack was claimed by Antifa in Melbourne, Australia. The wife has a connection to Australia (see 13 below). Is there a broader Australian connection here?

9. He was set up and ready. He had surveillance equipment watching the door/corridor outside his room, which is how he knew the cops were coming. Did he go in knowing he was going to die?
– Source: [link to]
– He also had equipment to make a bomb: [link to]
– List of his equipment, both in the hotel and at home: [link to (secure)]
– The automatic rifles were set up in “racks” inside the windows: [link to (secure)]
– He had 10 bags with him – that’s a lot of ammo! Thread: cnn just said he had 10 suitcases for his 17 guns and thousands of rounds

10. There is video of muzzle flare from the 4th floor. Was the shooting from the 32nd or the 4th, or both?
– Source: [link to (secure)]
– Source: [link to (secure)]
– Plus, there doesn’t seem to be muzzle flair from the 32nd floor.

11. He had 19 weapons. Why if all he planned to do what kill people from afar and then off himself?
– Source: [link to (secure)]
– Source: [link to (secure)]

12. Why did it take police officers 72 minutes to locate him after the first 911 call came through?
– Source: [link to]

13. What happened to Marilou Danley’s first husband Alberto Busto, a filipino who she married in 1996, and who are the Ali and Zafar Busto linked on her facebook (her sons?)? Ali and Zafar are 100% Muslim names, and likely indicate she or her husband converted to Islam and her son or sons are now Muslims, probably living in the Phillipines. So, did Paddock visit her son or sons with Marilou. Did they see Paddock as a target for radicalization because of his reported isolation from family and any friends, maybe some resentment at something they saw they could work on?
– The girlfriend’s facebook page: [link to (secure)]
– The girlfriend is of Indonesian and Australian origin: [link to]

14. Where is the girlfriend? There’s conflicting reports that she’s in custody or overseas.
– Source: Fat Man.
– Source (custody): [link to (secure)]
– Tucker on Fox says she’s in Tokyo.

15. Did he commit suicide or was he shot? There are conflicting reports.
– Source: Fat Man.

16. Was he seen in the Middle East with his girlfriend?
– Source: Thread: Active Shooters at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas possibly at Harvest Festival (Page 135)

17. Is it mere coincidence that the deadliest shooting in US history happens at the Mandalay Bay Hotel just two days after Boris Johnson recites “The Road to Mandalay” in Burma?
– Source: [link to (secure)]

18. Some have questioned the sincerity of the shooter’s brother’s emotions in this interview. Is there something suspicious about his behavior?
– Source: [link to (secure)]

19. Were the exits blocked?
– Source: [link to (secure)]

20. Marilou Danley’s husband or ex-husband is 76 year old Geary Danley. His Facebook account is rife with Leftist ideology, dozens upon dozens of “likes” of every Leftist and anti-Trump group imaginable, including ShareBlue and most importantly, Rubicon Training Group, a gun training and gun course company. Geary has knowledge and a proclivity for guns, as a careful reading of his FB will reveal. Paddock and Geary Danley share one degree of separation. Even though Geary supposedly lives in Arkansas, public records reveal he has a decades-long history of living in the state of Nevada. Was he involved in any capacity?
– Source: Thread: Is the Vegas shooting a BLACK OP or Occult sacrifice? [Thread will curate all known facts & links]

21. Is it coincidence that there’s DHS training in Vegas?
– Source: Thread: DHS “Training” in Las Vegas Oct 1-5, New Metal Detectors Installed in Mandalay last year…

22. Did he go through the new metal detectors at the Mandalay Hotel?
– Source: Thread: DHS “Training” in Las Vegas Oct 1-5, New Metal Detectors Installed in Mandalay last year…

Feel free to add. I’ll update the OP.

 Quoting: The Original Mind 

And here’s the latest developments I’ve found so far:

OP updated with a few new sources

1. First picture of the automatic rifle.

Can someone help me ID this gun? And does it have a crank (I’m a gun novice)? Or is it set to fire full auto without a crank? How expensive would this gun be? How hard to acquire?

[link to (secure)]

2. Full inventory of his gear both at home and at the hotel. 

He had explosives, equipment to convert semi-auto rifles to full auto, and unidentified electronic equipment. He also had the rifles set up on racks (otherwise reported as platforms).

[link to (secure)]

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