Eli Cohen – Israel’s greatest master spy

( May God bless his soul. – JW )

Eliyahu Ben-Shaul Cohen (Hebrew: אֱלִיָּהוּ בֵּן שָׁאוּל כֹּהֵן‎‎‎, Arabic: إيلي كوهين‎‎‎; 26 December 1924 – 18 May 1965), commonly known as Eli Cohen, was an Israeli spy. He is best known for his espionage work in 1961–1965 in Syria, where he developed close relationships with the political and military hierarchy and became the Chief Adviser to the Minister of Defense. Syrian counter-intelligence authorities eventually uncovered the spy conspiracy, captured and convicted Cohen under pre-war martial law, sentencing him to death in 1965. The intelligence he gathered before his arrest is said to have been an important factor in Israel’s success in the Six Day War.


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One Comment on “Eli Cohen – Israel’s greatest master spy”

  1. wingate Says:

    No one has greater love Than he who gives his live for someone else.

    This is what makes Eli the shining example –
    He willingly risked and ultimately gave his live
    to protect his people – the people of Israel. This in a humble Manner.. .

    I couldnt have greater respect for someone Than for him.

    A Definition of Heaven could be to spend eternety with people like him..

    We know that there are many Eli’s out there right Now, Risking their lives for the same goal. Lets pray for their safebeing an success
    of their Missions!

    “HE who watches over Israel Doesnt sleep nor slumber !”

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