‘The simplest things’: Ex-Russian Ambassador Kislyak opens up on what he discussed with Flynn

Source: ‘The simplest things’: Ex-Russian Ambassador Kislyak opens up on what he discussed with Flynn — RT News

Sergey Kislyak © Joshua Roberts / Reuters

Now-retired Russian Ambassador to the US Sergey Kislyak said that the main topic of his conversation with former US National Security Adviser Michael Flynn was counter-terrorism. The talks were transparent and never touched upon sanctions, he added.

“I do not comment on our daily contacts with our colleagues. Secondly, I had instructions not to discuss sanctions. We never discussed sanctions with anybody. And I assure you, I have honestly followed the instructions,” Kislyak told Rossiya-24.

“Sanctions aren’t our thing,” the retired diplomat said. “We don’t discuss or bargain about sanctions, because we believe they were implemented in an illegal, politically aggressive way to begin with.”

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© Fred Thornhill

‘American exceptionalism is the problem’

While it would be difficult to lift the newly-imposed restrictive measures, Kislyak does not believe the US and Russia are back to the Cold War.

“No, it’s not the Cold War,” he said. “The problem in our relations, as I have tried to say, is in the sense of absolute exceptionalism of the Americans and their purported right to tell everyone else what is good and what is bad.”

The former Russian envoy to Washington blasted the sanctions, which he believes are aimed at impeding normal economic cooperation between Russia and the US.

“The economic sanctions, which we have been lately discussing a lot, were designed so that it will be very difficult to cancel them under the current conditions in America,” Kislyak said.

“The whole mechanism is made so that the US law would not give the opportunity to develop normality in economic relations with our country,” he added.

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Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr (L) and ranking member Senator Mark Warner © Kevin Lamarque

‘No secrets on our part’

Commenting on his conversation with former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, Kislyak said they were openly discussing “the simplest things.”

“We spoke about the simplest things… But the communication was completely specific, quiet, absolutely transparent. There were no secrets, at least on our part,” he stated.

After Flynn’s resignation in February, media outlets speculated over the content and consequences of his phone call with the Russian ambassador, which he had failed to report. Some claimed the main topic of the conversation was economic sanctions against Russia, though Flynn did not confirm it.

Kislyak declined to comment on the resignation, saying it is an American domestic issue.

The US never invited Kislyak to speak in front of a grand jury investigating alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 election. Kislyak called the procedure “far-fetched” and said that the US government has “jumped at a litigation built around false information,” wasting time that could be used on issues that really matter to Americans.

Meeting foreign officials is what diplomats do

While the Trump election campaign team has been repeatedly accused of having links with Russia, Hillary Clinton’s representatives refused to meet with the Russian ambassador.

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Russian Ambassador to the US Sergey Kislyak. © AFP

“I can give you a long list of those from Clinton’s team who I wanted to visit, and they shied away from it. It’s quite a big list,” Kislyak said.

He added that, like any professional diplomat, he used every opportunity to build normal bilateral relations, trying to meet with different people, including those from the Democratic Party.

Near the end of Kislyak’s tenure in the US, he faced allegations of working for Russian intelligence and was even called a “top spy and recruiter of spies” by CNN. The diplomat believes that even implying such things shames the US.

“I believe that all the talks about the fact that I, the ambassador of the Russian Federation, am a spy, are shameful for a country like America,” Kislyak said.

“What has become normal to talk about now – how the Russian ambassador is wiretapped, how bugs were installed into his phone – it is becoming normal for America. It is an unhealthy society,” he said, adding that the FBI finally acknowledged that he was a diplomat, not a spy.

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36 Comments on “‘The simplest things’: Ex-Russian Ambassador Kislyak opens up on what he discussed with Flynn”

  1. John Prophet Says:

    Is It Real

    One day

    we open our eyes

    and there it is.

    The world opens up to us,

    all that we can see.

    We move within our view,

    learning as we go.

    But, can we trust

    what we see?

    Is it real?

    What is “real”?

    Does anyone really know?

    Quantum scientists

    tell us at the

    quantum level

    reality is probabilistic.


    The fundamental

    nature of reality

    cannot be determined?

    Does this mean

    reality has

    no substance

    all we see is

    just an illusion?

    Are we just


    in a fuzzy

    reality that’s just a

    sum of probabilities.

    Are we just


    in a universe

    of possibilities?

    What are the

    odds of that?

    • joopklepzeiker Says:

      The reality and the real reality , we are ” living” in a translation of the reality .
      A reality built up and indoctrinated of agreements

  2. John Prophet Says:


    What is normal?

    We live in a world

    where everything seems


    if you’re human,

    It’s normal

    to have two eyes

    and one head.

    It’s normal

    to live on a ball


    in a limitless


    It’s normal

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    It’s normal

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    Everything we see

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    But what else

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    We’re custom made

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    How would we feel

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    How would we feel

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    How would we feel

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    and went on forever?

    If born

    into this kind

    of universe

    we’d feel it’s


    Normal is a

    relative term.

    Question everything,

    because nothing

    is normal!

    • joopklepzeiker Says:

      Will i find you a nice square where you can orate your poems ?

      • John Prophet Says:

        The global mind is my square.

        • joopklepzeiker Says:

          Perfect go global and keep a bit lower poetic level on this blog , learn to bring your stuff in ready to chew peaces now you are overwhelming and that is contra productive .

          I really do not like it if i have to help you in this matter .

          You know how to find Gorki park ??

  3. John Prophet Says:

    What New Realms Await

    We live

    in a universe

    of subatomic particles,

    the building blocks

    of everything else.

    All we can see

    and touch

    is made up of the stuff.

    Even in the seemingly

    empty void

    of space

    science tells us

    virtual particles

    pop in and out

    of existence.


    will tell us

    all we need do

    is understand

    these subatomic particles

    and we’ll

    understand everything.

    But I wonder

    if there’s more

    out there than

    meets the eye.


    for example,

    the language of the universe.

    Was mathematics

    invented or discovered?

    Was it always

    out there

    just waiting

    for a brain of sufficient size

    and complexity

    to tap into its realm?

    This seems to be the case.

    Would E=MC2

    be true here

    and one billion

    light years from here.

    The question is then,

    what other realms

    might there be awaiting


    when a brain

    of sufficient size

    and complexity

    comes to be?

    We’ll need to grow one

    or make one

    to find out.

    What interesting times


  4. John Prophet Says:

    Anything Is Possible.

    Where did you come from?

    Every ancestor

    you ever had,

    had to beget

    with who they


    If any link in the chain

    begot with

    someone different.

    If someone turned

    left instead of right.

    You’d not be here today.


    by being here today

    you won the

    infinity lotto.


    Some say

    this place we exist

    in is just one

    of many.

    They say

    in fact

    the number of realities

    existing in parallel is


    Different links

    in different chains,

    infinitely so.

    It was ,

    therefore, inevitable

    you’d appear

    in at least one.


    You, your soul,

    your spirit,

    your conciseness

    is eternal.


    though different realms

    of existence

    for any number

    of reasons.

    Maybe you have

    much to learn

    before you arrive.



    gets dull and


    You live finite

    packets of reality


    with no connection

    to keep things fresh

    and interesting.



    something else

    is going on.

    A finite mind

    can’t know all

    the infinite makes


    Since you can’t

    know what’s possible,

    anything is possible!

  5. Another Russian biased article. Oliver Stone comments slamming US foreign policy toward Russia is no surprise when you consider he’s Hollywood filmmaker:

    According to Wiki:

    “In an interview with The Times newspaper on July 25, 2010, Stone claimed that America does not know “the full story” on Iran and complained about Jewish “domination” in parts of the U.S. media and foreign policy, notably his view that Adolf Hitler was misunderstood due to Jewish control of the media. When Stone was asked why so much of an emphasis has been placed on the Holocaust, as opposed to the 20-plus million casualties the Soviet Union, for example, suffered in World War II, he stated that the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) was an overly powerful Jewish lobby within the U.S. The remarks were heavily criticized by Jewish groups, including the Simon Wiesenthal Center.”

    He’s perfect for this article.

    • joopklepzeiker Says:

      Kislyak does not believe the US and Russia are back to the Cold War.

      “No, it’s not the Cold War,” he said. “The problem in our relations, as I have tried to say, is in the sense of absolute exceptionalism of the Americans and their purported right to tell everyone else what is good and what is bad.”

      YOU REALLY NEED NEW GLASSES , there is no shame in that !

      • What I really need is a new boat.

        • Check out these outboard motors, Joop. The top model only costs $90k and produces over 600hp.


          A bit out of my price range, but I’d love to see them in the flesh.

          • joopklepzeiker Says:

            Yep , great stuff , made by Volvo Penta , i love their inboard marine diesel engines have some experience with them .

            Correction , not made but owned by Volvo Penta !

          • Each 627hp unit contains a 6.2 liter V8 Corvette engine. Here’s a vid on a boat equipped with three of these puppys.

          • joopklepzeiker Says:

            amazing engines, but this boat is so overpowered , it can make the same speed with a lot less !

          • joopklepzeiker Says:

            Old habits LS ?
            Need for speed ?

          • Power is fun, Joop. I’ve had 3 Corvettes and had one hell of a good time with them all. A boat like this would be thrilling, but you seem to be a bit took practical living off the grid and all.

          • joopklepzeiker Says:

            O well what can i tell you , after my ac Cobra and split window Corvette and the Aston martin of my friend i had to slow down with some Beamers and Mercedeses , i refuse to participate in the first 2 Paris Dakar fun, could no bring up the money, but speed nah never have bin interested !
            And let me tell you the country roads to travel to count monkey buts are not so nice for my MB compressor so i have to buy me a Jeep .
            The MB is just for long distance shopping trips on the Toll roads .

        • joopklepzeiker Says:

          sorry i can not help you with that .

          To ,hasty, i found you this !

    • joopklepzeiker Says:

      It is hard to swallow but with Trump it is over, 3 Generals are baby sitting him , swallowed up by the deep state , only allowed to keep the people under-control with lesser important issues !

      Lets make war !

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