Trump reportedly thinking about making Mike Pompeo national security adviser, shipping H.R. McMaster to Afghanistan

Trump reportedly thinking about making Mike Pompeo national security adviser, shipping H.R. McMaster to Afghanistan, Washington ExaminerDaniel Chaitin, August 2, 2017

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President Trump is looking at shifting CIA Director Mike Pompeo to the White House as national security adviser, according to a report Wednesday evening.

The move would bump H.R. McMaster, the current national security adviser. McMaster, a three-star Army general, would in turn be sent to Afghanistan to command U.S. forces in that country, the New York Times reported, citing several unnamed administration officials. The move could help McMaster earn his fourth star.

Trump has reportedly expressed frustration with Gen. John Nicholson Jr., the top U.S. general in Afghanistan, because the U.S. and its allies are not “winning” the war there.

The White House shuffle, if it came to pass, would be the latest in a string of staffing changes, including the exit of Reince Priebus as chief of staff. He was replaced by John Kelly, a retired general who had been serving as secretary of homeland security.

McMaster too has overseen a National Security Council that has recently seen some people ousted.

McMaster was named national security adviser in February, replacing Michael Flynn after it was revealed he misled the administration about his communications with a Russian envoy. Pompeo, a former congressman from Kansas, was sworn in as CIA director in January, days after the inauguration.

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2 Comments on “Trump reportedly thinking about making Mike Pompeo national security adviser, shipping H.R. McMaster to Afghanistan”

  1. joopklepzeiker Says:

    Bring Mike Flynn back into the picture Q!

  2. John Prophet Says:


    The subtly

    of it was


    The genius

    of it, undeniable.

    Not a single

    shot was fired.

    It took decades

    to accomplish,


    no one

    saw it coming.

    Slowly but surely

    humans used technology.

    It offered

    so many benefits

    that mankind

    kept building,

    kept improving

    their technology.

    More and more


    was incorporated

    into human society,

    melding to the core.


    was attached

    to the body

    inside and out.


    were connected

    thru the web

    one common mind.

    Homo Sapiens


    into techno sapiens

    no longer

    just flesh and blood,


    did they become.

    Then they arrived,


    from another place.

    They were welcomed

    with open arms,

    the invasion a complete success.

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